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WATCH: It's Cavs LeBron Vs. Heat LeBron In This Incredible Video

Which version of LBJ do you like better?
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 5, 2016
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LeBron James is at the peak of his powers now. What we saw in the 2016 NBA Finals was a magical moment in a star athlete's career when veteran poise, skill perfection, and athleticism all converged at one point. As we saw, not even a record-setting team could stop it.

There is perhaps no one that can stop LeBron right now...except for himself. That's what a YouTube video called "LeBron James Playing Against HIMSELF" supposes.


The clip, uploaded last June 27, features two versions of the three-time NBA champ—the Cavs and the Heat version—going against one another. Scenes from his stints in the two teams were interspersed with one another to make it appear like LeBron is shooting or dunking against himself. If this were a commercial, Nike would've paid millions for the idea. It's a compelling visual treatment of the argument whether LeBron with the Cavs is better than the LeBron with the Heat.

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