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8 Of The Most Intense Hoops Coaching Meltdowns In History

You'll absolutely have no trouble reminding any of these tacticians that basketball is all-out war
by Raul Maningat | Oct 1, 2016
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We thought Coach Aldin Ayo would have little or zero trouble at all leading his powerhouse De La Salle University men's basketball team through Season 79 of the UAAP. But in a recent game against tournament cellar-dwellers, the UE Red Warriors, the Green Archers' chief tactician found himself in a facepalm-worthy moment.

A supposed missed call by the referee prompted Ayo to literally grab a pair of eyeglasses (assistant coach Siot Tangquincen's) and attempt to put it on the said official.

Obviously, he got ejected and will serve his one-game suspension on Sunday, when his Green Archers battle archrival Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles. Seeing last year's NCAA champion coach lose it amid a game that DLSU was in control of reminded us of the other coaching meltdowns that the amateur and professional basketball ranks had the pleasure of witnessing.

Now, you be the judge where Ayo's flare-up stands, or if it's even worthy of inclusion in this maddeningly entertaining compilation of coaching catastrophes:

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Coach Bo wants to fight
It was an intense Ateneo-La Salle duel three years ago that had then-Blue Eagles coach Bo Perasol almost touching Ron Artest territory of hardwood thuggery. As he was walking off the floor after losing to DLSU, 66-64, Perasol rushed towards a Green Archer, who was apparently heckling the decency out of him. The ADMU coach was ready to brawl; thankfully, security personnel were alert enough to prevent a brewing riot from escalating.

[Don't] take it off, Atoy
This one just happened last year, in a game between the Lyceum Pirates and the Mapua Cardinals. The latter's head coach, Atoy Co, ended up shirtless, ejected, and spewing out insults on camera as he was heading to the lockers after vehemently protesting a foul call on his ward JP Nieles. Replays showed that Nieles clearly committed a foul, by the way. To sum it up, it wasn't a pretty sight. The Fortune Cookie practically exposed his tito-with-a-drinking habit bod on national TV.

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Good luck pacifying the locker-room rage monster Pido
Whether after an embarrassing loss or a bad first half, the UST Growling Tigers knew they'dl be in for a severe Pido Jarencio tongue-lashing once they get into the dugout. Somehow, "The Fireman" of the PBA has been able to use his vitriolic barbs as motivation, evident in his successful runs with the Espana-based team.

His feistiness, however, may have gotten the best of him in Season 75 of the UAAP Finals versus Ateneo. Jarencio seemed at a loss with a supposedly racially motivated rant, in reference to opposing coach Norman Black. He was also seen in physical contact with a referee during one of his many tirades. Laments didn't do his squad any good as UST bowed down to the Blue Eagles in two games.

Red-hot Tim Cone
Aside from being the most accomplished coach in PBA history (18 titles), the current Ginebra head coach also has a reputation for being quite the hot-head during competition. The number of times we've seen the face of Cone turn red—making him look like a smaller, pudgier version of Hell Boy—is uncountable.

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In Game 1 of the 2012 Governors' Cup Finals, for example, the two-time Grand Slam-winning coach threw a chair in the middle of the court out of frustration, hoping to rally his troops. The move backfire his B-Meg Llamados dropped the series opener and eventually fell in seven games. Proof of his penchant for hurling chairs around is the cut he suffered in Game 1 of Barangay Ginebra's ongoing semifinal match against the San Miguel Beermen. It was reported to be a result of a loaded dugout pep talk that sent pieces of furniture flying.


Someone shackle Yayoy Alcoseba
The coach of the Southwestern University Cobras slapped his own player Joseph Nalos for botching a game-winner against the San Beda Red Lions during the 2012 Philippine Collegiate Champions League. It was humiliating for SWU and traumatizing for Nalos, who went through the horrific experience for the second time after Alcoseba had already stuck him earlier that year. Why is this dude still coaching SWU? We bet he didn't even think of laying one finger on Ben Mbala when he was still a member of the Cobras.

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The Art of Yeng
After Robert Jaworski retired, one could say that he passed the torch of being the most fiery coach in Philippine basketball to Yeng Guiao. We don't know where to attribute his countless on-court outbursts other than his unquenchable thirst to see his boys play the right way. There are times, though, when he goes overboard.

One of our favorite Guiao eruptions was when the camera caught him cursing the bejesus out of his players during a Rain Or Shine huddle. The other just happened last month, when he was slapped with a technical foul and a P20,000 fine for shouting, "Wala nang nanonood sa atin, ref!"

Alvin Pua should've shifted to boxing
If you think Yayoy Alcoseba is vicious, well, he's just a puppy compared with ex-D-League coach Alvin Pua. A lifetime ban by the PBA and a P500,000 fine were the finest feathers in Pua's cap for his long history of verbal and physical altercation with referees that culminated in a haymaker he threw at one of the officials. It happened a year ago, in a game between Pua's old team, the Cagayan Rising Suns, and LiverMarin. What a knockout, this coach was!

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The father of all coaching terrors
Perhaps the grandaddy of the coaching style that entails physically and verbally assaulting players and referees, not to mention chair tosses, is legendary American basketball coach, Bobby "The General" Knight. You can clearly tell from his moniker that he was one tough hombre. His strict approach to running a team had won him three NCAA titles and a place in the Hall of Fame.

But his genius was often overshadowed by his violent temper. Topping the list of his borderline psychotic hissy fits was an episode that took place in 1997. In the middle of a practice in Indiana University where Knight was a long-time coach, Knight was seen grabbing the neck of and choking his player Neil Reed.

Former players like Isiah Thomas has always been generous with praise when talking about The General's brilliant career. But to those coach Knight had hurt both physically and mentally, he must've been someone they'd rather forget.

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