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ESPN's Pacquiao Mini-Documentary Has All The #Feels You Need Today

New ESPN​ video focuses on Pacquiao​'s start in boxing, along with his early victories—and tragedies.
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 27, 2015
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If there were a way to skip the entire week and fast-foward to fight night on Sunday, we'd gladly exhange a piece of our soul for it. But there isn't and the only way we're going to get by is with our continued consumption of ANYTHING Pacquiao-Mayweather-related.

So far, the best we've seen today is a mini-documentary produced by sports authority ESPN. Posted on on April 26, 2015 is a Sportscenter Featured episode entitled "Manny Pacquiao: The Roots." The six-minute clip, as its title suggests, trains the spotlight on Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao's harder-than-hell beginnings.

It's a story we're sure you're no doubt already familiar with at this point, but hearing Manny tell it himself—with his notably improved diction—and seeing photos of a just-past-puberty, pre-Manila Manny had us compelled.

The selection of photos includes what appears to be one of his earlier amateur victories:

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Here's the full video:

Rest in peace, Eugene Barutag. Watch over the champ on Sunday, won't you?

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