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A Manu Ginobili Mixtape That Proves He's An NBA Legend

He was a superstar baller through and through
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Aug 28, 2018
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Now that all is said and done, people will always remember how great Emanuel “Manu” Ginobili was, not only as a San Antonio Spur, but as a competitor. He’s not just one of the all-time greatest Spurs, but he’s also one of the all-time greatest players not only in the NBA, but in the entire world.

The Argentine came to the NBA as a shock prospect in the 1999 draft. Coming in late in the second round at the 57th position, no one thought he would amount to much.

Gregg Popovich even once told a story about him and Tim Duncan having a conversation about Manu in the early days. He said to Timmy, “This guy is coming, and nobody in the U.S. knows how good he is.”

He didn’t enter the NBA until 2002, where he served as a backup to veteran guard Steve Smith. He was plagued by injuries early on and found it hard to adjust to the NBA style of play. But he would soon get back up on his feet to become a Rookie of the Month and get enlisted in the All-Rookie Second Team.

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Since then, it has been a stable and memorable career for Manu, establishing himself as one of the all-time greats who never really gave a crap about high scoring averages and becoming MVP. Manu never had a self-centered agenda in the NBA. He played the way basketball should be played, as a team game to get to the top of the conference and win a championship.

But whenever he got the chance to be front and center, Manu always delivered, too.

One thing Manu Ginobili is known for is his world-famous Eurostep. No one does it like Manu.

It would be truly not the same without Manu.

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