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Mark Munoz Predicts UFC 158!

UFC 158 happening this Sunday!
by Mark Munoz | Mar 15, 2013
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Ed's note: FHM hooked up with the Filipino Wrecking Machine during his Manila visit for the UFC and Balls Channel's Mark Muñoz Media Tour last week, we got him to play MMA analyst and tell us how the three welterweight fights on the main card of UFC 158 this Sunday, March 17 will go down. Scroll down below to see his predictions. (Mark's disclaimer: "Everyone will hate him for this!")

Mark Munoz Predicts UFC 158                                    Mark (right) choking some douche we're (sadly) associated with

Mark Munoz Predicts UFC 158

UFC 158 is the culmination of the rivalry between St-Pierre and Diaz, who were slated to face each other prior to the latter's suspension due to doping in 2012. Georges will be coming in as the defending UFC Welterweight Champion, while Nick is coming off a unanimous decision loss to former UFC Interim Welterweight Champ Carlos Condit (who lost his belt to GSPwe know, parang telenovela lang).

Georges St-Pierre
"GSP, as of late, has just been doing enough to win and fighting not to lose. So we’ll see if he’ll be able to land that jab that he’s been landing for a long time. But when it comes to takedowns, GSP definitely gets the nod there, although Nick’s definitely good on his back, too."

Nick Diaz
"This is the one that people are not gonna like me for, but I truly believe that Nick Diaz truly has a shot here. Nick possesses that mentality wherein he always wants to go out there and try to finish a fight. I know, through his boxing and his striking, that it’s gonna be very hard for GSP to land that jab and get Nick to go backwards."

Mark's Prediction: "As I said before, opposed to all the people in the MMA game, I’m going with Nick Diaz here, and I think he’s gonna pull off the upset by decision."

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