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Marquez-Alvarado: Abangan Ang Susunod Na...Kalaban Ni Pacquiao

Reason Numero Uno why we want to watch the Marquez-Alvarado fight: to know who Pacquiao gets to beat up next!
by Raul Maningat | May 15, 2014
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On Sunday, May 18 (Manila time), we’ll see Manny Pacquiao’s ultimate “kontrapelo,Juan Manuel Marquezversus an all-action American fighter in former light welterweight titleholder Mike Alvarado (34W–2L–23KOs). The two high caliber pugilists are both intent on getting back in the win column, so it’s safe to expect fireworks.

Also, Alvarado looks like he's got the cray-psycho eyes:

But like a hot tisay with a rocking body who also happens to be a lawyer (#boompanes), there’s more to this stellar match-up than meets the eye. According to matchmaking extraordinaire Bob Arum and his insinuations, the winner of Marquez-Alvarado will be the next opponent of boxing’s most beloved fighter, Pacquiao. The question now: which fighter should Pacquiao nation root for in this bout?

Let’s examine the styles and the recent history of Dinamita and the dude nicknamed Mile High to find out!


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True stories:

1) This Mexican legend has won four major world titles in different weight classes with his supremely technical and extremely intuitive counterpunching.

2) Going on the offensive against Dinamita can get puzzling because he almost always comes back with devastating counters. Just ask Manny.


 3) While waiting for an opening for a counter, Juan Manuel‘s fists could almost be heard saying, “Sige subukan mo, patay kang bata ka!” before breaking out into that infamous Romy Diaz evil laugh. When you think you’re having some kind of success against Marquez, it’s more likely that you’re actually running into a trap.

4) One more thing to worry about the Mexico City native, other than his counter blows, is his underrated yet very vicious body attack. Again, just ask Manny.  


Recent bouts

The last time we saw Juan Manuel in the ring, he was crying because of a close loss at the hands of Tim Bradley. Marquez is eager to get his 56th career win and finally leave the Bradley defeat behind him.

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It also appears that Mexico’s Dinamita has added motivation after seeing that the rival of his lifetime is on top again. Manny regaining the WBO welterweight title over Marquez’s latest conqueror lit a fire under the Mexican star’s butt. According to reports, he's now considering another fight with his nemesis for a fifth world crown in as many divisions. But that is of course if he gets past the tough Mike Alvarado.

However, if a fired up Marquez and a vengeful Pacquiao were ever to collide later this year, we’ll bet that it’ll be another nerve-racking encounter that could go either way. Man, our hearts are pounding just talking about it!

The kind of person who would want Dinamita to win for Pacquiao-Marquez 5 to happen is...

If you want to see Manny and Juan Manuel put dents on each other’s heads for the fifth time you’re probably a compulsive thrill seeker. You yearn for that unpleasant nervous feeling every time the two warriors deliver a forceful blow at each other. Shouting, “Ayan na! Naku! Kaya ba? Shet, hilo!” with every Pacquiao and Marquez exchange gives you intoxicating pleasure.

Basically, you have to be a little sick in the head to want to see the possibility of a Pacquiao ring nap happening again.

Or maybe you just have revenge on your mind. Given that Pacman was pummeling Dinamita right before he banged his head into a massive right hand, it’s understandable if you feel that the Filipino icon can get the job done when the two all-time greats meet again. 

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You must also have a taste for super awkward "I'm-not-
sure-I-won-but-I'm-raising-my-hands-anyway moments" 
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