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How Team Pacquiao And Team Mayweather Reacted To Floyd's Doping Controversy

Who says <em>#MayPac</em> is over? Let the verbal war begin!
by John Paulo Aguilera | Sep 11, 2015
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Guess we don't have to push for it any further, as the latest controversy involving Floyd Mayweather, Jr. might just be enough to spark #MayPac 2. (Hopefully.)

Days after reports of the lackluster ticket sales for Mayweather's retirement bout against Andre Berto circulated, the undefeated pugilist is currently in hot water after an SB Nation feature indicated that he received an illegal intravenous injection a day before to his May 2 fight against Manny Pacquiao.

(We all know how that "super fight" ended: Mayweather won via unanimous decision. Pacquiao, on the other hand, claimed that he stepped into the ring with an injured shoulder, and in turn, along with his promoter, was hit with lawsuits for not disclosing it beforehand.)

The vitamin mixes found by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) collection agents during the random drug test didn't include any substances prohibited under World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) policies. However, IV infusion—in Money's case, to help with dehydration—is banned, for it "can dilute or mask the presence of another substance," for example, performance-enhancing drugs.

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After the USADA released its statement earlier yesterday criticizing the inaccuracy of some news reports on the sport, Floyd himself answered the allegations (via Box Mad Magazine), which was also posted on his official Facebook and Twitter accounts:

As already confirmed by the USADA Statement, I did not commit any violations of the Nevada or USADA drug testing...

Posted by Floyd Mayweather on Thursday, September 10, 2015

On the other hand, it didn't take long for Pacquiao and his camp to react.

"Truth finally came out and I was vindicated. Mayweather camp used to accuse me of using PEDs," he told local news outlets. "Now look at what happened. I hope Floyd Mayweather would learn a good lesson out of it."

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Manny's adviser, Michael Koncz shared to"I find it ironic. We tried to get an injection that was totally legal before the fight and the commission slams us and then this thing with Mayweather happens."

He continued, "It is unusual and it was never disclosed to us until quite a ways after the fight. Maybe the best thing for Floyd to do is have a rematch with Manny. But we were shocked by (the TUE). It shouldn’t have happened."

Top Rank CEO and Manny's promoter Bob Arum in the same report said he was outraged upon learning of the news.

"USADA has a lot of explaining to do," he fumed. "But I can't just bay at the moon. What legal redress do we have? I have the information, our lawyers got it, but what were we supposed to do with it? Ask for the decision to be reversed?"

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"I really think people have to look closely at USADA and investigate what's going on with them. Our lawyers told us that the information transmitted to us was confidential and we were not allowed to disseminate it, so based on that advice we said nothing (until it came out)," Arum said.

Do you think it could've been a factor if Mayweather wasn't able to get those shots? Could Manny—injured shoulder and all—have had a better chance if it weren't for those supposedly banned IVs? Do you agree with Koncz and his idea of a MayPac 2? Either way, you know who we'll be rooting for!

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