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#PressConOfTheCentury: Pacquiao And Mayweather Fans Heat Up The Comment Wars!

Let the fan wars begin!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Mar 12, 2015
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Earlier this morning, while most of us were busy sleeping, this happened:

Just like the rest of the world, we had begun to doubt that this moment would ever take place, but now that it's here, we can only thank the boxing gods for finally making the #FightOfTheCentury, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, happen.

Surprisingly, both fighters came at their best behaviors for their fight's one and only presser (or, as we call it, the #PressConOfTheCentury) held at around 5 a.m. today (Manila time) at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. Save for the Pacman's trainer, Freddie Roach, who really can't help but take shots at Floyd, both camps threw nothing but praises at one another.

The fighters may have kept their mouths in check, avoiding any pre-fight tension (as we predicted), but we really can't say the same for their loyal fans.

Below are some of the zingers the Pactards and the Floydaholics(?) fired on social media!

This Pacman fan is saying Money may have a reading problem

While this Mayweather fan likes puns

Even Money's fashion sense gets some insult

A piece of advice, brothers: Be more creative with your comments. Trolls are everywhere:

We've seen this post circulate a few days ago, but hell yeah, let the world have it, bro

C'mon, people, Let Michael Jackson rest in peace!

And here's what the Pactards have in their art arsenal!

Stop referencing Jay-Z, his ROC Nation boxing company ain't in on this

Uhm, is the contract non-negotiable?

Not even Miguel Cotto was spared. #NanahimikYungTao

Looks like these guys are following the fighters on the wrong sport

Can we focus on the boxing, please? Kahit tirti sicands lang?

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While all these things are happening, poor Gina can't find herself on the comment section. Help, guys?

Click here for more on the #PressConOfTheCentury!

Screenshots taken from Sports Center and Top Rank Facebook pages
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