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FHM's Weekly #MayPac Update: Floyd's $25,000 Mouthguard, Mark Wahlberg Visits Manny, And Mayweather's New 'Flipper' Nickname

Mayweather's money-spending absurdity soars to new heights!
by Raul Maningat | Apr 8, 2015
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We hope you've secured your PPV passes to the Fight Of The Century because we've got less than a month to go before Mayweather and Pacquiao try to make each other kiss their respective fists!

If you haven't, well, here we’ve collected the hottest #MayPac scoops of the past week to stoke your excitement further.

YAY:   Butterfinger bets 1M on Manny Pacquiao to win versus Floyd Mayweather

Famous chocolate brand Butterfinger has decided to join forces with the Pambansang Kamao in promoting its peanut butter cup product. Included in the agreement is a “bet” that will see one million Butterfinger cups be given away to fans if Manny comes away with the win on May 3. It’s a pretty sweet deal, peeps—and another reason why the Pacman must prevail over Money-May.

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NAY:   Showtime releases new hype video for Mayweather…
este Mayweather-Pacquiao pala

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It was nicely-filmed and nicely-edited but it was too partisan towards Showtime’s boy, Floyd Mayweather. While a bunch of snippets from training and interviews made Floyd looked very good, Manny was in the two-minute clip for a quick four seconds. Pacquiao’s appearance in it was so short you can’t even call it a cameo. We know Floyd is widely considered as the “A-side” but Pacquiao is by no means a mere “extra” in their match-up.

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YAY:   Mayweather-Pacquiao releases its first official promotional video

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Getting goose bumps is mandatory after seeing this.

Did you notice how Manny's eyes were seething in anger as he was imagining Floyd was right in front of him (he had to imagine it because the two fighters shot this promo vid separately)? Pacquiao looked like a real warrior in there. As for Floyd, he did his best WWE-ish type of acting. Overall, though, it was great, exactly how a hype video should be done.

YAY:   HBO releases the trailer of the prefight documentary
Mayweather/Pacquiao: At Last

Detailing the excruciating six-year process that led to the most highly anticipated boxing match of our era, this HBO special is bound to get a standing ovation. Prepare to get EVEN MORE GOOSEBUMPS, everyone!  

Watch it here:

Video via HBO

YAY:   Team Pacquiao locks the gym down for the last stretch of training

To lessen the distraction and zero in on perfecting the game plan for Mr. 47-0, Team Pacquiao has closed the doors of the Wild Card Gym during Manny’s training sessions. Tons of fans plus the media have been hounding the Filipino superstar since he’s been in L.A. and it’s about time to put a stop to the pestering. This move might’ve upset some but they’ve got to understand that Manny needs 100 percent of his focus to prepare for a boxing savant like Money-May.

Here's something Pac posted on his IG though:

23 days to go. #TeamPacquiao #MayPac

A video posted by Manny Pacquiao (@mannypacquiao) on

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NAY:   Muhammad Ali's publicist denies The Greatest picked Pacquiao over Mayweather

What Ali’s publicist basically said regarding the issue was that The Greatest isn’t rooting for anybody to win on May 3. Instead, the former three-time heavyweight champion of the world is simply excited for the colossal welterweight clash and is just wishing the two combatants good luck. Well, we still feel that deep inside, Ali's really with Team Pacquiao! #Believe

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YAY:   Mark Wahlberg visits Manny in camp

Image via Manny Pacquiao's Instagram page

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Yep, we said visitors are no longer welcome at the Wild Card Gym while the eight-division champ is working out. But an exemption was made for Hollywood movie star and Manny’s longtime friend Mark Wahlberg. After all, as indicated by a tweet from Pacman, he was delighted, not distracted, when his buddy Marky Mark dropped by to say hi.     

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NAY:   Hall of Famer Mark “Too Sharp” Johnson says Floyd may shut out Manny

The hall of famer and former two-time flyweight and superflyweight champion has made it clear that he’s in Mayweather’s corner.

“Floyd is a guy that is going to want to set traps and find out what he need to do within the first two or three rounds," stated Johnson. "I think from rounds four on up, I think Floyd may shut him out."

Although he’s not too big of a name among casual fight fans, his credentials suggest that his opinion on the mega fight does have some merit. However, his ring achievements do not make his predictions automatically correct. Right, Pac-fans?

Here's Mr. Too Sharp in his heyday:

Video via EJ Boxing

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NAY:   Floyd will wear a $25,000 mouthguard for the May 3 superfight

Gold, diamonds and $100 bills make up the $25,o00 (or P1,111,737.50) mouthpiece Floyd will wear in his square-off against Manny.

Really, Floyd? You can’t think of something better to do with 25Gs other than putting it in your mouth? You could’ve helped a lot of people in need (including us and our lack of tickets to the fight) but instead you decided to take the saying “put your money where your mouth is” literally. Man, what’s wrong with you?     

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YAY:   The Filipino Flash gives his take on Mayweather-Pacquiao

Fresh off his one-sided comeback win against one William Prado, Nonito Donaire Jr. took time to break down the megafight.

Video via Boxing Mania

To sum up what Junjun said, this fight is going to be close and will extremely be difficult for the judges to score.

In the end, the multiple division champ stated what Manny needs to do in order to pull off the W: “In order for Pacquiao to win, he would need to be in and out, side to side, don’t give him no rhythm. Don’t give him time to think. What he has been doing when he fought Morales, when he fought Barrera, when he fought Marquez, that’s what he needs to do. In and out and box, the one-two, and just go out there.”

We agree with Nonito, except for the part when he said Manny needs to fight Floyd the same manner he fought his old tormentor Marquez. Ano ba Junjun, nakalimutan mo na ba yung Round 6?

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YAY:   Freddie Roach pokes fun at Floyd’s swimming exercises

Floyd posted a video online that sees him and Alex Ariza taking their training into an Olympic-sized swimming pool. 

Video via Floyd Mayweather Jr.

With Money-May’s underwhelming Michael Phelps impression, Manny’s trainer found an opening to tease his most prized pupil’s rival:

“Sounds like we should start calling him Floyd 'Flipper' Mayweather," says Coach Freddie. "Team Mayweather would be wise to add a lifeguard to their corner on fight night because Manny is taking ‘Mr. 47 and 1’ into deep water.”

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YAY:   Mayweather’s betting odds are shrinking as the fight closes in

When word got out that Mayweather-Pacquiao was a done deal, Floyd’s odds were at -275, making him a huge favorite.

Now, with bettors backing Manny flooding in, Money-May is down to a -180 favorite. As per sports book operator CG Technology’s report, bets on Pacquiao have outnumbered the wagers placed on his opponent, six to one.

Maybe these gamblers are pouring their cash on Team Pacquiao because they’ve received confidential information, assuring them of Manny’s victory. Come on, guys, what have you found out that we haven't? Talk to us.

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NAY:   Sylvester Stallone offers Manny and Floyd a deal

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Stallone recently told TMZ that he’s willing to relinquish control over his upcoming movie The Expendables 4 to Manny and Floyd in exchange for their fat fight purses. The Expendables franchise has already raked in worldwide success to the tune of $800M. If Stallone is serious with his offer, then Sly isn’t too sly after all.

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