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Mayweather's Camp Is Eyeing Nate Diaz To Troll McGregor

It's going to be a night of Conor McTapouts
by Andrei Medina | Jul 27, 2017
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It looks like Floyd Mayweather is upping the ante against Conor McGregor when it comes to pre-fight antics.

According to TMZ Sports, the undefeated boxing great’s camp is interested in having Nate Diaz join Floyd’s walkout entourage during their upcoming megabout next month.

Hip-hop star Jason Lee, who’s also part of Mayweather’s The Money Team, said they're doing their best to recruit Diaz to troll the UFC Champion.

“Listen, I don’t know but I’m from Stockton, California and I was just with Floyd in London when the whole shit went down with Conor and I’m gonna make the call to Nate Diaz,” Lee said.

“I would love to see him walk out with Floyd. Oh yeah, that would be awesome for the town. He’s from Stockton. We’re from Stockton. Stockton people are almost on the level of a Ferrari. We gonna keep doing what it takes stay to stay relevant,” he added.

Diaz is best known as the MMA fighter who defeated Conor by way of submission.

He also made potshots at Conor when the megabout was announced in June so it’s highly likely that he will accept Floyd’s invitation to get the chance to troll his rival.

Both fighters will face each other in a lucrative intersport megabout at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on August 26.


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