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Meet The Power Pinays: Your Philippine National Women's Volleyball Team!

Go spikers!
by Voltaire Lozada | Sep 11, 2013
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Brace yourselves, volleyball junkies: The Philippine Women's Volleyball National Team, also known as the Power Pinays, will be competing at the 17th Asian Senior Women's Volleyball Championship in Thailand starting this Friday, September 13!

The team, composed of Arriane Argarin, Joy Benito, Angela Benting, Mich Datuin, Jheck Dionela, Wenneth Eulalio, Tatan Gata-Pantone, Danika Gendrauli, Faye Guevara, May Macatuno, Aiza Maizo-Pontillas, Chi Saet, Sandra delos Santos, Pau Soriano, Angge Tabaquero, and Royse Tubino, will be competing on international soil for the first time, though none of them appear to be fazed about it.

"This is a different level. When we get there we will find out how the sport is now being played internationally," says team captain Tabaquero. "It's a challenge. But we will work harder to match the level of the other countries."

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So what do you think, bros? Can we give these lady spikers the same amount of support and lovin' we gave Gilas Pilipinas during last month's FIBA Asia tournament? If anything, the girls' court tenacity and vast skills set remind us of Team Pilipinas. In fact, some of the Power Pinays closely resemble the games of Jason Castro, Japeth Aguilar, and Gary David, among others.

Yes, we understand that these are two different sports. However, talent, heart, and intensity transcend all kinds of competition. Scroll down to for some examples!

Angge Tabaquero

Compare her to: Jason Castro
Why: A young gun taking charge, this Tomasian standout has been named captain of a team filled with veterans. And though Tabaquero may not play the same amount of minutes as Castro, she has the same passion for her sport as her Gilas counterpart, which is why they both excel on their respective courts.

Tatan Gata-Pantone
Compare her to: Japeth Aguilar
Why: Tatan is long, athletic, and provides her team tons of energy. As a libero, Gata-Pantone also has to consistently bring her A-game, not to mention the presence of mind necessary to guard every inch of their court. Tatan and Japeth both seem to have a soft-spoken demeanor, letting their play speak for themselves. The only difference between them? She doesn't bite on shot fakes the way Japeth does.

Angela Benting
Compare her to: Ranidel de Ocampo
Why: RDO is one of the most intelligent post players in the game, and he's a crafty scorer as well. Benting, who doubles as an assistant coach for the team, is one of the craftiest scorers in volleyball, combining veteran smarts, grace, and power to make up for her lack of height, the same way de Ocampo uses the same smarts and creativity to make up for his lack of speed.

Chi Saet
Compare her to: Jimmy Alapag
Why: A veteran capable of making plays for her teammates, Saet will do pretty much everything to help her team win. Much like Alapag, she's one of the most experienced and dedicated setters in the game.

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