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HBD, MJ: Check Out This Awesome Interactive Tribute To Michael Jordan!
Let's celebrate His Airness' 52nd birthday with this online ode from Bleacher Report!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Feb 18, 2015
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Sixteen years after retiring for good, Michael Jeffrey Jordan is still recognized as the greatest basketball player of all-time. He'll forever be etched in our minds, dunking from the free throw line, making impossible fade-away jumpers, and cradling his Larry O'Brien trophies.

At present, the five-time MVP and six-time NBA champion owns the Charlotte Hornets, makes millions of dollars as the face of the most coveted sneaker line and b-ball apparel in the world, and... Oh, and he's celebrating his 52nd birthday!

To commemorate His Airness' basketball immortality, sports site Bleacher Report cooked up something awesome at their programming juggernaut The Lab. Dubbed "MJ All Day," the seven-part interactive gallery chronicles MJ's superstar-ology and greatness on the hardwood and beyond.

From MJ's history of flight to his sick signature sneaks down to the historical moments in his life, we give you a quick walk-through of the awesome things you will see in this online tribute of Jordan-esque proportions!

This photo of a bagets Michael and the Air Jordan One

This cool, animated video of Air Jordan's history

Video via Bleacher Report's YouTube channel

The NBA-sanctioned letter that prohibited MJ from wearing his first signature shoe

This lakas-maka-'90s poster

This interactive poster of MJ's iconic free throw line dunk

Some nice words from his colleagues

This shot (Sorry, Utah Jazz fans!)

MJ Ds up LeBron

The championships

And a boatload of awesome candid shots

Here's to you, idol! Happy Birthday!

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