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WATCH: The Most Average Players In The NBA

Pinoy baller Jordan Clarkson heads the list
by Mark Coles | Apr 28, 2016
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There are some NBA fans out there who are quick to judge players based on their performance. It’s pretty natural and part of what being a fan is all about, but we think it's uncalled for. They are in the best basketball league in the world for a reason, and that reason is they can play.

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With this in mind, the guys at BBallBreakdown decided to find out the real value of “average” players and shed some light on how they really help a team, both statistically and financially.

With the help of a couple of stats from the NBA, they sought for the most average player for each of the five positions on the court, listing 10 players in each. Aside from statistics, they also noted each player’s salary to determine whether or not they are earning less or are being overpaid.


According to them, these are the most average players in each position:

- Point Guard: Jordan Clarkson
- Shooting Guard: O.J. Mayo
- Small Forward: Danilo Gallinari
- Power Forward: Quincy Acy
- Center: Derrick Favors

How did they make their computations? It's actually quite a doozy if you're into numbers and hoops stats, and you can watch them play with all that here:


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