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These Are The SMB Players Ginebra Fans Hate The Most

You wouldn't want to be caught in the kabarangays' rogue gallery of enemies
by Jay P. Mercado | Jul 26, 2018
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The history of these two PBA sister teams, the San Miguel Beermen and the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, is absolutely colorful. Despite being part of the same conglomerate since 1987, the two have forged a rivalry that has spanned more than three decades. The Beermen have always had the upper hand in terms of championships (25), but Ginebra lords over Philippine basketball when it comes to popularity.

True enough, there have been several players who have become the subject of ridicule and insult among the kabarangays. It could be for a myriad of factors, like playing with so much angas against the Barangay, their willingness to mix it up with Ginebra players (despite various risks), or simply having their career games versus the franchise.

As the two antagonists meet again for the 2018 Commissioner's Cup crown, FHM cites eight Beermen—in random order—who are very much despised by the Ginebra faithful.

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Ramon Fernandez

A team that had Ramon Fernandez will always be a rival of Ginebra. When the feud between Robert Jaworski, Sr. and Fernandez percolated starting in 1984, fans looked forward to watching their teams face each other because of this cold war sidelight. And true enough, for all of El Presidente’s basketball excellence, Ginebra fans couldn’t help but wonder how he could still raise his game further when playing against them. Fernandez was a thorn to all Ginebra bigs—from Ampalayo to Saldaña to Cuenco, putting them in foul trouble, scoring at will against them, and making them bleed for their points. He was the perfect Ginebra antithesis who also knew how to handle the crowd’s jeers—that’s Don Ramon for you!

Biboy Ravanes

If you hound and pressure the Big J from the backcourt, don’t be surprised to find yourself at the receiving end of an “accidental” wayward elbow or a protruding knee. Having guarded the Big J since the late '70s, Ravanes learned and knew what to do. He’d succeed in getting Jaworski’s goat at times, getting an offensive foul from the legend or swiping the ball successfully to the consternation of the loyalists in the stands. Ravanes was pesky, and he could get in the heads of the best of them by just being himself.

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Vic Pablo

The FEU sentinel was a personal choice of Jaworski in the 1993 rookie draft, securing him as the second overall pick. But Pablo refused to accept the P90k salary offered by Ginebra, as he felt he deserved the P100k rookie max. Jaworski opted to trade him to Pepsi Mega for veteran Manny Victorino. Pablo’s capitalist mindset didn’t sit well with the fans though, as he suffered the brunt of Ginebra’s jeers ("mukhang pera), and they made sure Pablo heard it even when he already moved to the Beermen two seasons after.

Abet Guidaben

Just like Fernandez, wherever Guidaben went, the Ginebra crowd jeered him on. He was perhaps the favorite goat of the fans for his penchant to wage a psywar against the Big J and for his short temper, a weakness exploited by the fans to disable his effectiveness. It’s also apparent of their mutual dislike for each other—Guidaben ribbing at Jaworski’s age by walking gingerly, back hunched, while holding an imaginary cane, and with Jaworski countering with multiple push-ups after receiving a hard foul from the 6’5 center. It was pure entertainment, and fans lapped it up, with Guidaben as the punchline.

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Dong Polistico

The tough guy wannabe was a favorite of Ginebra fans because of his short fuse as well. Polistico also liked to play it rough, giving hard fouls on the Ginebra bigs and staring them down after. For Ginebra fans, Polistico was a thug, and they made sure he knew how they felt. When the game got physical, Coach Norman Black would send Polistico in the game to match up with the physicality of the Gins. Such a move though would incite further tension, worrying the zebras while putting them on an overly cautious mode. The excitement level at the venue, however, would increase by several notches.

Alvin Teng

Now known as the father of Jeric and Jeron, the Robocop was one of the meanest, baddest, most physical yet effective big men of the late '80s and '90s. He was the prototype Ginebra player, except that he was donning the red and white Beermen jersey. The Big J never hid his admiration for Teng, as despite all the physicality and ruggedness in the game, Teng would remain a headache for Ginebra. A near skirmish with Rudy Distrito made Teng crack the “Ginebra’s Most Wanted List” and as such, the fans coined the perfect jeer for him (”Teng…ina-mo!”).

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Arwind Santos

Arwind Santos didn’t seem to have any problem with the Ginebra faithful when he was still playing for the Air 21 Express and battled the Kings in the Finals of the 2008 Fiesta Conference. Even fans have high regard for the Spiderman, thoroughly impressed with his defensive smarts and incredible basketball IQ. But when Santos melted in a crucial playoffs game against the Kings a few seasons ago, he became an object of heckling among the Ginebra fans. Santos would normally react with his “bring it on” antics or do the “sshhh” sign to quiet the crowd—playful acts that the fans didn’t appreciate, but it only made the spectacle more interesting to watch.

Danny Ildefonso

Just like Santos, Danny I never really had any problems with the fans in his early years in the league. Again, the faithful offered a grudging respect for The Demolition Man as he provided the clutch shots and made things difficult for Ginebra’s bigs. But in a similar meltdown brought about by frustration for what he perceived as “biased calls,” DI earned the ire of the fans when he actually had a verbal altercation with a fan from the stands. That's when DI became a marked man, and what made matters worse was his difficulty to cope with the situation, succumbing to the pressure and jeers from the bleachers.

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