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#ItagaMoSaBato: 10 Things That Will Happen In The NBA This Season

We put on our fortune teller robes as we look into the future of the 2014-2015 NBA Season!
by Raul Maningat | Oct 23, 2014
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The NBA is just a few ticks away from banging the gong on its new season. We're trying to contain our excitement, but are doing a pretty piss-poor job at it, given the amount of previews we've already scribbled down up to this point. So we thought, to hell with pretending not to be hyped over the fact that our favorite league returns in just a week!

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Like a buzzer-beating Jamaal Crawford off the dribble three-pointer, we're pulling a dope move with our meticulously formulated top ten list of superlatives that we’ll most likely get to witness during the course of the NBA’s 69th basketball year.

Let's go!


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The King has gotten the supporting cast he wanted.

Check it out:

  • Kyrie Irving
  • James Jones
  • Kevin Love
  • Shawn Marion
  • Mike Miller
  • Tristan Thompson
  • Anderson Varejao
  • Dion Waters  

Say what you will about chemistry, but that's a loaded roster that will compete in the relatively weaker Eastern Conference. LeBron's Lebron, and will most likely continue to put up 26 points, seven assists, eight boards and two steals per game like he has done before en route to his four MVP trophies and two NBA titles.

Also, his only legitimate MVP opponent, Kevin Durant, will be coming off a foot injury that required a major surgery.

Who else is on the horizon? A still-shaking-off-the-cobwebs former MVP in Derrick Rose? A too-young Anthony Davis? Maybe a rejuvenated Carmelo Anthony? It's just hard to see anyone else eclipsing The King at this point, but that's as long as he avoids setting picks for the opponent:

To save time and effort, Commissioner Silver might as well hand LBJ the MVP plum right now, unless somebody out there is capable of having a Wilt Chamberlain-like season. 

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You know what we like about players that have achieved a lot? We can also poke fun at them without we're about to do right now.

The Cavaliers unceremoniously shipped the No. 1 pick of the 2014 Draft, Andrew Wiggins, to Minnesota—as most people presume, to accommodate LeBron James’ demand of playing with Kevin Love. So expect Wiggins to play with a chip on his shoulder all season long. The Canadian high flyer will probably prod his floor general, Ricky Rubio, to throw the rock up to him whenever LBJ is in position to get a revenge-facial.

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If there's any rookie with the motivation and the tools to do it, it's definitely our boy Lil' Wig here:

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The Golden State Warriors know what a rare gem Thompson is that they refused to give him up for a chance to get double-double machine, Kevin Love. The 24-year-old's marksmanship is something the Dubs value as much as Coach K and Team USA did in the World Cup.

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There’s one squad, though, that won’t recruit Thompson anytime soon, the NBA’s Western Conference All-Star team. It’s not that he lacks the qualifications, it’s just that the West is simply too loaded in the guard spot.

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