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NBA 2K12: Five Things To Do Before It Comes Out!

Heads are exploding with sheer excitement
by Mikey Agulto | Oct 3, 2011
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nation! NBA 2K12, that super-ultra-mega-awesome game most of us have been waiting months for, will make its worldwide debut on Tuesday, October 4, following a US timeline. While it will take another 24 hours before the game is finally released, we won’t blame you if you're already going bonkers with anticipation.

But there’s no need to flip out, no? Here are some things you can do to keep your sanity while waiting for the game to come out. Game time!

1. Induct NBA 2K11 in your personal Hall of Game wall
You can’t believe it’s been a full year, and you just can’t fathom saying goodbye to the very game that stood by you on the most random yet awesome of nights. You and NBA 2K11 have spent so much time together in the past year, but it’s now time to part ways with it. Recall the greatest moments you and the game had together – the pustahans, that unfairly talented MyPlayer character and the Clark Kellogg sound bites, among others. It has indeed been a good run.

2. Brush Up on History
Give yourself some retro hype by digging up on old school VHS tapes of 90s basketball documentary specials. Some awesome figures to re-encounter: the Johnson-Bird rivalry in the 80s, the 50 greatest players in NBA history, the Stockton to Malone connections, and the most prominent of them all, the countless Chicago Bulls specials you used to rent on video stores. Michael Jordan making a game-winning shot in slow motion – the template of every 90s NBA specials. When in doubt with a lockout-looming season, go classic.

3. Play Shaq and Yao to a full extent
It sure is a shame to see both Shaquille O’Neal and Yao Ming hang up their playing shoes for good after last season, which might indicate that these big men may not be around when NBA 2K12 debuts this week. So now is the time to appreciate –play Shaq and Yao one on one on NBA Blacktop mode, see who can hit more treys in the 3-point shootout, and find out who’s got more jam in the Slam Dunk contest. Try not to weep afterwards – at the end of the day, the real-life Yao and Shaq are mega-millionaires, and so you’ll hate them.

4. Block off your schedule for the next five days
“No” is a response your friends and family are gonna have to get used to once the game comes out, since most of them wouldn’t be able to comprehend the time and dedication it actually takes to fully invest yourself in a game like NBA 2K12. You’re gonna wanna be playing it every waking minute possible, so do everyone around you a favor and let them know in advance – “uuwi ako ng maaga!”

5. Get Physical
After all is said and done, our one good advice to hype yourself would be to drop that controller, get your couch-stricken ass outside, meet some friends and play an actual, real-life game of basketball. Not only will you be able to shake off the waiting part; you'll also be physically and mentally robust when sale day comes and you'll have to rush through a crowd of fellow fanatics waiting outside the video game store. Now go and ankle-break your way to a new game!

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