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NBA: A Note on How Important It Is To Us

A sentiment coming from a fellow NBA fan
by Mikey Agulto | Dec 26, 2011
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The new season finally kicked off! Behold the NBA’s regular season opening day – Bulls getting by the Lakers with a game-saving hoop from Rose, Heat avenging themselves early against the defending champs, Kevin Garnett getting personal and physical with a Knick, and “Lob City” Clippers debuting strongly against the Warriors. An explosion of emotions on the first day, to say the least.

There’s one thing we’ve got to acknowledge, which also might prove to be true for many members of the FHM nation: NBA basketball will be the only thing that shall get us going after the spirit and excitement of the holidays finally go down. The season debut of our beloved sport may be the only reason why waking up at December 26, the day after Christmas, still feels awesome. True story!

People like us heavily rely on the game too much for it to fail the way it did several months back. We are duly invested with the sport in knowledge, time, emotion, apparel, and money. Our manhood sometimes depends on the swag and inspiration gained from playing hoops, much less the mode of conversation among gentlemen, friends and strangers alike. So coming off the five-month lockout, it strikes us that we should never take the NBA for granted again.

This much we will admit: we live off all the action and the drama that surrounds the league. Box scores and bad games perennially make or break our days. Our thinking patterns align on the most significant of games, and we do post-game discussions like we’re the best sports analysts in the world. Matter of the fact is we will die without the NBA. It’s a very drastic statement, but the essence of our manhood and sanity revolves around it. You can tell us we’re overreacting, yet this is actually us at our most appreciative.

So today, December 26, is Christmas time in the world of basketball. We missed this shit!

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