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NBA Awesome Play Of The Day: Steph Curry Enters Videogame Mode, Shows Sick Handles And Drains Nasty Step-Back Three!

Steph Curry's oozing with too much skill points!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Mar 9, 2015
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Everyone knows that Golden State Warriors' star Steph Curry is capable of making miracles every time he has the ball on his hands.

Just earlier today, Steph once again showed us his divine dribbling skills while facing fellow point god Chris Paul and his Los Angeles Clippers.

Early in the third quarter, Curry got the ball after a screen from Andrew Bogut. He then splits the Clippers' four-man defense with a nasty series of videogame dribbling skills...and then drained a quick step-back three!


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Okay, we know you're still a bit puzzled as to how the heck he managed to pull this ridiculous move. So allow us to dissect Curry's amazing play into GIFS for future playground reference.

First, he went through the screen and quickly moved away from a blitzing second defender via a quick crossover. Take note how close Steph stayed to his pick in order to split Paul and Matt Barnes.

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He then faced the third defender and put him on skates with a behind-the-back special. We still give CP3's defense an "A" though, the dude didn't give up.

Steph then went up against the FOURTH defender and quickly collected his dribble and shielded the ball with his body.

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This is where Curry's awesome court awareness becomes scary. Knowing that his defenders are still collecting their ankles on the floor, he hops outside the three-point line, sets his feet in position, squares his body, and launches a three-point bomb.

Here it is again in super slow-mo:

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What can you say, Coach?

Here's the full video:

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