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NBA Awful Play Of The Day: Gangsta Kevin Garnett Headbutts Superman Dwight Howard

Kevin Garnett goes beast mode, the wrong way.
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 13, 2015
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Trouble ensued at the Houston Rockets-Brooklyn Nets game earlier today, January 13, as Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard nearly turned the game into a street fight. The two were engaged in a heated incident after KG was dealt with a foul call around the seven-minute mark of the first quarter. KG continued to push Howard after the whistle, which caused Howard to slap KG's chest.

And as NBA followers know, it's never a good idea to slap KG on the chest. As expected, the former 'Sota star retaliated, with the climax being a headbutt that hit Howard square on the chin.

Watch the bakbakan here:

Video via TheBrooklynGame

Garnett was thrown out of the game while Howard was meted with a T. The Rockets won, 113-99.

Here are some highlights in GIFs:

"Mahuli lang kita, lagot ka sa akin!"

A classic "huwag mo kong hawakan" moment right here

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"Nakuuu, kung inabutan talaga kita, hindi ko
alam kung anong magagawa ko!"

Never turn your back on KG

"I'm calm, I'm calm...bitiwan mo nga ako!"

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"Baklang 'to, akala mo hindi kita kayang tapikin?!"

"CHEST PASS! Sakit 'no?!"

"Hoy, anong pinagkakalat mong matanda na ako?"

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