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Adetokoubo, Mbakwe, Chikoko: NBA's Newest Tongue-Twisters!

Get ready, NBA P.A. announcers
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 27, 2013
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The NBA is no stranger to names that are a mouthful to pronounce.

This is the price the NBA had to pay when the entire world started playing in the U.S.-based league. The Nowitzkis, Dragics, Divacs, Giriceks, Pachulias, Turkoglus, the Stojakovic-es, and Nesterovic-es invaded in ways that made life hard for sports commentators. Which letter is silent? Is it Nowitzki? Novitzki? Nowitski? Is it a hard ‘G’ or a soft ‘G?’ Is it Kukoh, Ku-coach or as Andy Jao said it, “Kukok?”

Likewise, with a huge chunk of the yearly talent pool being filled by Afro-American players, there has been no shortage of unique, inventive gangsta names like Stromile, LaPhonso, Mugsy, Kelenna, Antawn, Mareese, Desagana, and while we’re at it, LeBron. Say it again, this time with a whole lot of feelings: LEEE-BRON. What a cool, weird name.

With the 2013 NBA Draft happening on Friday, new talents are about to arrive. And with the arrival of young blood, come a boatload of new names that we’ll have fun pronouncing in the next few months.

From the 2013 NBA Draft, here are the coolest/weirdest/gangsta-est names we were able to find:

1) Shabazz Muhammad – SG - 6’6”- UCLA - 20 years old
Shuh-bazz Moo-ha-med

Quite possibly: A player whose exploits will inevitably be described with “Alakazam,” “Shazam,” and other sham words typically used when performing magic at a kid’s party.

In reality: A mid-round prospect who has been compared to Nick Young because of his fierce competitiveness, outside shooting, and the ability to use his body to get to where he wants to be.

See him in action:

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