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The NBA Draft Lottery Results Spawned Some Of The Funniest Memes Ever

Which team will be graced with Crying Jordan's presence?
by John Paulo Aguilera | May 18, 2016
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For the NBA's cellar-dwelling teams, there is no better day than the Draft Lottery.

All that losing (read: being on the wrong side of the scoreboard, getting their asses kicked) set the stage for a chance at the top pick, which hopefully, can turn around their floundering franchise. This day is the culmination of those intricately devised rebuilding (and tanking) plans.

On Tuesday night, the proverbial ping-pong balls were drawn from the lottery machine and the sequence of the 2016 NBA Draft has finally taken shape. Here are the results:

Notably, this was the first time the lottery went in projected order. The basketball gods fittingly rewarded the sport's punching bags, bannered by the pitiful Philadelphia 76ers and their 10-72 win-loss record.

This despite history not being on the Sixers' side. The team with the worst record has only won four times since the current lottery system was pioneered in 1990. So you can only imagine the city's mood after former GM Sam Hinkie's "Trust the Process" manifesto finally paid off.

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Though it wasn't the only meme spawned by Philadelphia hitting the jackpot...

Things even turned unsettling for a while after ex-Sixer Dikembe Mutombo sort of preempted the outcome by congratulating the team...before the draft lottery even started.

He has already offered an explanation for his dumbfounding celebratory tweet.

At least one guy is the opposite of happy with how the proceedings went. (Hope this isn't really the case.)

If Simmons isn't bent on joining the Sixers, he better pray that the latter selects Duke's Brandon Ingram so he could fall into the team that Philly denied of the No. 1 pick.

Whoever the top selection is, the Los Angeles Lakers will still have a reason to do this:


Anyway, the Sixers seem sick and tired of its losing ways, already winning...the Twitter war against the Sacramento Kings this early.

At the end of the day, this popular meme just had to be brought up.

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But no one deserves it more than the Brooklyn Nets, which handed its supposed third pick to the Boston Celtics in consequence of that blockbuster trade in 2013.


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