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NBA Eastern Conference Finals Preview

<p>The Eastern Conference Finals is looking to be just as explosive</p>
| May 15, 2010
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After our sneak peek at the LA Lakers-Phoenix Suns Western Conference Finals match-up, it's time to move on to the East, which by the way, is looking to be just as exciting.
Eastern Conference Finals Match-Up
Boston Celtics (4) v. Orlando Magic (2)

After sweeping both the Bobcats and the Hawks in the Playoffs, the Orlando Magic must be positive they’d have a Finals rematch with the Lakers by now.

The Boston Celtics, with a line-up specifically poised and engineered to take on Dwight Howard and the Magic, is more than set to give it another go in the Conference Finals.

After a marvelous 6-game face-off between two Eastern conference giants, Boston proved to be too much for the Cleveland.

This season’s MVP LeBron James, destined to be the biggest NBA draw come off-season, failed to carry his team all the way to the finals, thanks in part to a hurting left arm and an inconsistent Playoff performance.

Hence, the most-anticipated rematch between the Boston Celtics and the Orlando Magic.

With an All-Star line-up between these teams, statistics will come from all corners, courtesy of one player after the next.

Frustrating as it is for them, nobody can deny the effectiveness of this strategy. A terrible free throw percentage by Howard has been the key to a string of low points in his Playoff performances.

Orlando’s round 1 series sweep of the Charlotte Bobcats saw a step-up for Jameer Nelson in terms of scoring, but also resulted to Dwight Howard being less than stellar in all 4 games, thanks to foul troubles and terrible shooting touch at the line.

With big men Rasheed Wallace, Kendrick Perkins, and Glen Davis all but willing to foul and defend the Orlando star, don’t expect Howard to dominate this team as he did last season. No dunks, no frills, no Howard.

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The 2010 NBA Defensive Player of the Year hasn't found his rhythm yet in the Playoffs:


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