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NBA Finals 2012: On Game 2

Miami ties series, 1-1
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 15, 2012
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With a 100-96 squeaker of a victory against the Thunder, Miami succeeds in stealing not just homecourt advantage, but enough momentum to give OKC pause. Durant and his team once again found themselves in a hole early, and this time, it came back to bite their behinds. The guys came close to yet another comeback win, but ultimately fell short, suffering their first loss at home in these Playoffs.

The series resumes on Monday, with the next three games to be played in Miami. Can OKC take the game back to their shores or will Miami bag the next three meetings? We'll know soon. Meanwhile, our take on Game 2.

OKC needs to come out firing
Yes, come-from-behind wins are thrilling. For the fans, at least. For OKC Coach Scott Brooks, it's starting to give him a headache. He has to devise a plan to get his weapons firing early. OKC has no more excuses to continue playing this way. They're about to play in their third Finals game, and can no longer say it's merely Finals jitters that's putting them in a hole. The Heat's strong starts are possibly a testament to their experience, which is obviously an advantage at this point. They want to get business done now. That, and their hunger for a championship is at its highest. Right now, they look like wolves intent on killing their adversary sooner rather than later.

OKC needs to play with a sense of urgency, and has to get out of the gates with the purpose of striking first.

Return of Flash
Dwyane Wade finally frees himself from the bounds of mediocrity, playing Game 2 with the kind of aggressiveness we haven't seen from him in a long time. The Heat shooting guard finished with 24 points on 10-of-20 shooting, 6 rebounds, and 5 dimes. Can he keep it up, or turn it up a notch even? His team definitely hopes so. No way the Heat win this series with a weak Wade.

Crunch time heroes
Game 2 saw some spectacular performances from most of the key players. Russell Westbrook, in spite of the poor shooting, still willed his way into the lane for a couple of lay-ups. Chris Bosh, in spite of fumbling the ball a couple times, did his part by storming the boards, and hitting open jumpers. Serge Ibaka was locked in with his jumper and shotblocking too.

Down the wire, James and Durant stepped into their respective roles as superstars. Durant, in spite of foul trouble, keyed a mad surge that saw them come within two points of the Heat. James came into his own, and continued to repair his reputation as a choker by spearheading his team's stand against the Thunder. These kinds of performances are what we hope to see more of in the coming games.

How about a round of applause for these men?
And let's not forget about the Heat's Shane Battier and OKC's James Harden. Shane continues his hot streak, hitting 5 three-pointers on his way to another efficient 17 points. Harden was a beast when his team needed someone to carry the load after Durant got shackled with fouls. He finished with 21 points in 34 minutes of playing time.

What to expect in Game 3
A better start from OKC. A Heat team that's pumped to be home. A home crowd that will attempt to match OKC's home audience, decibel for decibel. The Thunder are too proud to let up now while the Heat are too focused to screw up. Such a formula makes for a great game. Game 3, Monday!

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