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NBA Finals 2014 Preview: 15 Questions That Need To Be Answered!

Can the Spurs stop LeBron? Will Manu be consistent? Can TP and D-Wade stay healthy? Here are our 15 questions on this year's NBA Finals!
by Paolo S. Mariano | Jun 5, 2014
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The much-awaited NBA Finals rematch between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs is priming up to be an incredible series! Did you know that this is the first championship rematch in more than a decade? Last time we saw something like this, Michael Jordan and Karl Malone were still rivals.

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The Heat and the Spurs split their season series with the South Beach studs winning the first one in January and the Texas titans evening things out two months later. Safe to say, things are pretty much even, even though regular season numbers hardly matter in the Last Dance.   

After a classic title duel last year, expect nothing but the same quality one-upmanship from the league’s most efficient and well-balanced crews. Emotions will explode and tear ducts will burst as Miami and San Antonio rekindle their acrimonious affair.

Here now are the 15 questions that could answer whose happy man tears we'll see in two weeks' time!

1) What’s your favorite color, LeBron?

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We couldn’t think of a proper question for LBJ so we just went with this slum book-inspired query. There’s simply no knock to his game at this point. He’s consistent, healthy, and well-motivated. Only a fool would think that the reigning two-time Finals MVP will not show up or go berserk in this series, especially since they don’t have home court advantage.

His post-season numbers: 27.1 PPG, 56.2% FG, 6.8 RPG, 5.0 APG, 1.8 SPG, and 4.5 kagat kuko per game. Oh, and we still don’t know what his favorite color is.

2) Will Dwyane Wade stay injury-free?

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Erik Spoelstra’s strategy to give D-Wade periodic day-offs in the regular season (he missed 28 games) has paid dividends. Wade has been terrific in the Playoffs, averaging 18.7 PPG, sinking 45 percent of his jump shots, and staying perpetually aggressive on both ends like it’s 2006.

But aren’t you a little wary that the oft-injured guard might be due for a sprained ankle, torn ligament, patay na kuko, or whatever that could hinder his productivity? If you’re a Heat fan, you’re hoping the injury bug has finally got tired of Flash.

3) Where the hell is Mario Chalmers?

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Chalmers vs. Indiana: 5.6 PPG, 48.2% FG
Spurs PG Cory Joseph vs. Oklahoma City: 5.3 PPG, 60% FG

Not much difference, right? The problem is Chalmers is a legit starter, earning $4 million, while Joseph is a third-stringer pocketing just a little over a million bucks. Memo to Mario: It’s the Finals already! Prove your worth!

He looked disinterested in the East Finals, focusing more on instigating silly altercations with George Hill and CJ Watson. His scoring is down from 9.8 to 7.0 PPG in the post-season. But more importantly, his defensive effort has been as likable as a serial killer.

4) Can the Heat bench keep up with the Spurs bench?

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The Heat bench has played well in the post-season. The Spurs’ second unit, however, has been fantastic. The Heat are averaging 25.8 bench points in the Playoffs compared to the Spurs’ eye-popping 41.4. You could argue that’s primarily because of Manu Ginobili, who generates starter numbers, but that’s exactly what Miami’s shock troopers must neutralize.

Ray Allen, Chris Andersen, Norris Cole, Rashard Lewis, and Udonis Haslem need to be consistent. The value of the bench doesn’t get more pronounced than in the Finals. Let’s see who has the sturdier bench.

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