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What Your 2018 NBA Finals Stars Looked Like When They Were Kids

These cute mugs have evolved into monster ballers
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jun 9, 2018
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We're a few moments away from what could be the last game of the 2018 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, with the former taking a commanding 3-0 series lead on the road last time around.

Whatever the outcome of the latest installment, modern-day rivalry will define the careers of every player involved. Most likely, JaVale McGee will have two rings when the final buzzer sounds and Kevin Durant will just be a championship short of LeBron James' total. But if the King somehow pulls off a miracle, then it may finally end the debate for greatest of all time.

To think that a couple of decades ago, the idea of vying for a title for four straight seasons hasn't even occupied the minds of these superstars. FHM dug up some throwback photos of the Finals competitors from both the Dubs and Cavs—who would've thought that these innocent faces would someday fight fiercely for NBA rule?

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Kevin Durant

Didn't look like someone who would: give LeBron a serious run for his money

Stephen Curry

Didn't look like someone who would: revolutionize the game as we know it

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Klay Thompson

Didn't look like someone who would: drop 60 points in just three quarters

Draymond Green

Didn't look like someone who would: achieve success as a late-round pick

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Andre Iguodala

Didn't look like someone who would: become invaluable for his defense

LeBron James

Didn't look like someone who would: be in the GOAT conversation with Jordan

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Kevin Love

Didn't look like someone who would: bang bodies in the paint and light it up from deep

Kendrick Perkins

Didn't look like someone who would: wear a scowl for the rest of his life

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