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The New Pippen: Why Andre Iguodala Is Your Finals MVP

No. 1: He's the most important ingredient in Chef Curry and Co.'s championship recipe.
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 17, 2015
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After 40 long years of frustration and waiting, the Golden State Warriors are once again the kings of the NBA!

Dubs fan, this deserves a celebration, dontchathink? OF COURSE IT EFFIN' DOES!!!

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It took six grueling games and a couple of extra periods to cement the Warriors' place atop the hoops podium and prove that Andre Iguodala is the rightful Finals MVP. Oh, you haven't heard? Iggynot Steph Curry or LeBron Jameswon the award!

The 2015 #NBAFinals MVP - Andre Iguodala!

Posted by Golden State Warriors on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Some of you might be scratching your heads right about now, asking what's wrong with the league. Iguodala over the sweet-shooting regular season MVP, Curry? Iguodala over the best player on the planet right now in James? Yes, there are solid arguments why LBJ deserves the coveted postseason recognition, even if his Cleveland Cavaliers lost the series (and they did). We mean, the guy's been practically a triple-double machine all series long. That has to count for something, right?

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Well, at the end of the day, Iguodala's contributions out-shined everyone else's performance. He may be an underdog compared to the two in terms of sheer star power but he is every bit worthy of the award.

"That's it? That's your reason?" you might be asking right now. NO. We're not yet finished. Read on to know why we think Iggy deserved the trophy!


Iguodala averaged 17 points, four assists, and almost six rebounds a game. Not really stellar stats (those are actually the second-lowest averages of any Finals MVP in NBA history), but you have to remember, he's also assigned the unenviable role of guarding James, which we all know is not an easy task (more on this in a bit).

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What's more important here is his consistency. Iguodala made at least 15 points in five of the six Finals games with impressive percentages of 52.1-percent two-point field goals and 40-percent from beyond the arc. Simply put, he became that much-needed third scoring option for the Dubs, especially with Matt Dellavedova having some sort of success spoiling Chef Curry's cooking in the first three games.

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In Game 6, Iguodala scored 25 points, hauled down five rebounds, and dished out five assistsa worthy encore to a Finals performance that had us saying "Iggy still has it." It also served as a reminder to all doubters that his showing this series is no fluke. And will you give that award to a one- or two-game wonder? We thought so.


Yeah, Iguodala can score, but the biggest reason why he became the Finals MVP is his defense, specifically on LeBron. Sure, The King still dropped an insane stat-line of 36 points, 13 rebounds and nine assists on the Warriors in Game 6, but Iggy made life hard enough for him not to beat them single-handedly.

Stats don't lie: When Iguodala was on the floor, James shot 38.1-percent from the field. When he's on the bench, James' percentage rose to 44.1-percent. Those six percentage points were huge, especially in a series where one percentage point can be a difference-maker.

Let's put it this way: If not for Iguodala's D, James might have been a successful one-man wrecking crew.


Fun fact: Before Game 4, Iguodala did not start all season. He came off the bench, averaging just 7.8 points and 3.3 boards for a young and talented Warriors side before the playoffs. He was willing to let the young guns take center stage, and it worked as Golden State rolled to a 67-15 regular season record, tops in the league.

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