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INFOGRAPHICS: The NBA Free Agents Who Just Got Paid

ICYMI, Anthony Davis has just signed the biggest contract in NBA history!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 2, 2015
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Free agency for basketball's premier league kicked off today, July 2 (July 1, U.S. time). For us, self-anointed hoops geniuses, it's a day for tracking where our favorite players will land, which teams will win life-changing deals, and which teams will get dumped. A fun, fun day, this is.

Few people though will be having as much fun (and money) as the NBA's free agents. These guys are probably sipping fine whiskey at their home as they listen to the sweet ringing of their phones that carry multi-million-dollar messages. "Yo dude, how would you like to play basketball for us? We'll pay you a gazillion dollars," many of these phone calls will go.

And the players will answer, "Why, of course, good sir! I'd be remiss if I didn't take you up on that fine and immeasurably pleasing offer of yours."

Here now—in social network-friendly format, and arranged from highest to lowest in terms of the raw dollar total—are 21 of the players who have gotten incredibly richer today, the first day of free agency. Look how happy they all are!

*-Anthony Davis' contract is considered to be the biggest single-contract signing ever. The five-year, $145-million deal exceeded the previous record-holder: Kobe Bryant's seven-year, $136-million contract from 2004 to 2011. On a per-year basis, Michael Jordan's $33 million single-season deal in 1998, still tops the Davis deal, which (only) amounts to around $29 million per season.


If these guys were Pinoys, there's only one thing to tell them: "Painom naman kayo!"

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