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Zaza Pachulia May Start The All-Star Game (And Other Surprise NBA Headlines)

Kyle Korver is now a Kavalier
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jan 6, 2017
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A typical NBA gameday goes something like this:

Russell Westbrook records a 30-10-10, somebody humiliates Brook Lopez, the Houston Rockets score 200, and DeMarcus Cousins gets T'd up.

There are some basketball situations that you can predict just by looking at the players and teams involved. Once in a while, though, stranger things happen—like a certain Kevin Durant teaming up with his bitter conference rivals.

Recently, the stars have aligned and a few of those crazy episodes showed up in a single day. Imagine the suprised looks on our faces when we learned of... 

The West's unlikely starter in the All-Star Game

The initial returns of the 2017 NBA All-Star voting have been disclosed and the usual suspects lead their respective lists, except for one glaring candidate:

Another member of the Golden State Warriors looks to join Durant and Stephen Curry as starters of the Western Conference squad in the upcoming mid-season exhibition, and it will neither be Klay Thompson nor Draymond Green. Remember, Zaza Pachulia almost started last year after the whole of Georgia—his home country—voted and campaigned for him. It seems his countrymen won't let Zaza be denied of that prestigious spot again.

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Boban's big night

And when we say big, according to the 7'3" Serbian's huge standards, we mean BIG as in career performance: 15 points (3-4 FG, career-high 9-11 FT) 19 rebounds (9 OREB). Detroit's third string center is the first Piston since Jerome Williams in 1999 to grab 19+ rebounds off the bench. Head coach Stan Van Gundy said it best:


Shopping for shooters

The Cleveland Cavaliers were expected to bring in a (backup) point guard, in the wake of Kyie Irving's recent injury. Instead, the reigning champions outdid themselves, and dealt Mike Dunleavy and a 2019 first-round pick for a much better shooter in Kyle Korver, who shoots a bilstering 47.9% from 3PT territory when left wide open. With LeBron James, Irving, and Kevin Love, Korver will find himself all by his lonesome more often.

The sickest game-winner that didn't count

Just watch and weep with Marco Belinelli and the rest of the Charlotte Hornets:


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