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The 10 Juiciest Soundbites From NBA Media Day 2017

Clips that will keep you thoroughly entertained
by Andrei Medina | Sep 26, 2017
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Over the weekend, the NBA conducted its Media Day for the upcoming season. A lot of topics were covered, including the LeBron James-Kyrie Irving drama, Carmelo Anthony's transfer to the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Dwyane Wade agreeing to a contract buyout with the Chicago Bulls.

There were also tons of hilarious moments (Russell Westbrook clowning around with the reporters was enteraining to to witness). ICYMI, here are some of the day's highlights:

1. 'Bron has no advice for Ky

The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar finally broke his silence on Irving getting shipped to the Boston Celtics as he urged the media to ask him about the trade.

Here, the three-time NBA champion revealed that he felt a lot of emotions after first learning about it. He also said there has been no contact between him and his former teammate since the deal and he had no prior knowledge about the latter's plans.

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So what's LeBron's hilarious advice for Kyrie? Check it out:

2. Cryptic Kyrie

Sporting his new green-and-white jersey, Irving talked about how his trade to the Celtics was all about experiencing new things in life. He was also asked about what his reaction was to James' statements about him, but he said he'd prefer to keep it between them if that conversation ever happens.

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3. Hoodie Melo is not coming off the bench

Anthony is starting a new chapter in his book after his sudden transfer to the Thunder, forming a Big Three with the reigning MVP and Paul George.

"It happened so fast, so quickly. I had to make a quick decision. But believe it or not, Oklahoma City was a team that me and my team talked about... And if the opportunity presented itself, where we could bring a deal to the Knicks organization that something both parties feel comfortable with, this was a team, organization and a city that I had no problem coming and being a part of," he said.

But the highlight of the interview was Melo laughing off a question on his willingness to come off the bench.

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4. Wade, Bulls buyout

There was a rumor making the rounds about Dwyane wanting out from Chicago. Now that both parties have agreed to a contract buyout, teams like the Cavaliers, Thunder, and San Antonio Spurs are reportedly interested in acquiring the three-time champ.

5. Russ is an intimidating fashion icon

Westbrook had some lighthearted moments, with one reporter stopping in the middle of a question to admit that the former was making him nervous. He also laughed at another reporter for saying he only became a fashion icon last month.

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6. Durant on the Warriors' title defense

Following last week's Twitter fiasco, the NBA Finals MVP discussed his new teammates, and what this means for the Golden State Warriors. Durant also stated that they're not going to try being better than last year, but will instead focus on duplicating their success, one step at a time.

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7. Dray 'donkeying' around KD

While his teammate was being serious, Green decided to make fun of Durant's recent controversy, sharing that it was sweet revenge for him after becoming the butt of jokes over his NSFW Snapchat blunder last July.

8. Lonzo plans to ball out

The Los Angeles Lakers rookie has tons to prove this season with his father LaVar continuously writing checks that his son might not be able to cash. It's good to see that Ball remains humble despite the attention he's getting from the media.

9. Swish calls LeBron a jerk

It's not difficult to side with JR Smith here. After all, who wants to get bothered at 6:30 in the morning?

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10. Steven Adams on Enes Kanter swap

The OKC center had a few words to say about his Stache Bro getting traded to the New York Knicks and it was hilarious AF.


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