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This Milwaukee Bucks Rookie Has Humongous Hands!

Giannis Antetokounmpo has really humungous hands. How huge? Think DDDD!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jan 24, 2014
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The Milwaukee Bucks rookie forward Giannis Antetokounmpo has really big hands—as in hide-yo-children humongous! Look:

Here's another spine-tingling snap:

Yep, he's got 25-freakin'-centimeters or 9.85 inches of hand flesh. If you're really bad at telling height, his hands are about as long as the average one-year-old baby and is .45 inches longer (about half a matchstick) than an iPad Air.

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Here's another picture, this time of NBA TV Canada's Payal Doshi comparing hand sizes with the Bucks' rookie. 

Giannis' massive hands, 7'3" wingspan, and freakish athleticism have earned him the nickname "The Geek Freak." Fortunately, the 19-year-old Greek baller knows how to put all of these to good use. He currently averages seven points, five rebounds, and a block a game—a decent stat line for a rook. 

But that's not the scariest bit, the dude is reportedly still growing. He was listed at 6'9" at the time of the 2013 NBA Draft (held June 27), but as of December 2013 has already grown to 6'10 3/4". And with a few more growth years ahead of him, who knows how long a baller he will be.


Aside from easily palming basketballs and opponent man-boobs faces, Giannis also uses his digits to carry a dozen cups of his favorite new drink: SMOOTHIES!

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