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IN (ALTERED) PHOTOS: NBA Superstars As Regular Pinoys

Ever imagined Dirk Nowitzki as your drinking buddy?
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jun 12, 2015
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We've had NBA players travelling to the Philippines, whether for exhibition matches or marketing reasons. From legends like Dennis Rodman and Glen Rice to current stars like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, the world's most popular professional basketball league has never failed to bring their talent to this basketball-crazy nation. (Yes, this includes the infamous "Last Home Stand,")

Those trips were usually for just a few days, with the players busying themselves with everything about the sport. But what if these same ballers decide to stay a little longer and have a go not only at our pristine beaches but Filipino culture itself?

We're not talking about just trying out adobo or balut, or riding a jeepney; we're wondering how our NBA heroes would look like in a modest life of tagay, tong-its, and taho. Facebook user Jhulian Per Ceff Leal piqued our curiosity about this subject by posting a bevy of Photoshop masterpieces, which includes big hoops names like Dirk Nowitzki, James Harden, and even the current MVP, Stephen Curry, engaging in very Pinoy activities.

Check out his thumbs up-worthy creations below!

This one probably happened during Typhoon Yolanda. Just look at that water level and the fact that Paul Pierce—now with the Washington Wizards—was still a member of the Brooklyn Nets!

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How Rip City should really be...

Here are the Clippers trying to wash away the taste of another second-round loss

Western Conference heavyweights plotting against Steph and the Golden State Warriors

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Well, this explains the number of James Harden's foul shots per game... (Get it?)

And, with that look, Joakim Noah sold none that day...

This wasn't the kind of matchup the Toronto Raptors were hoping for against the Dubs

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Demar DeRozan hopes his gamecock is as aggressive as him

This one better win...

...or else...

Images via Jhulian Per Ceff Leal on Facebook
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