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1-On-1 With The Great Ones: When Ordinary Ballers Face NBA Stars

Ordinary ballers go up against Kobe, The White Mamba, MJ, and other elite pros!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Aug 6, 2014
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A couple of days ago, Kobe Bryant visited Shanghai as part of his Nike RISE campaign. Apart from numerous press conferences and public appearances, the Black Mamba also took the time to treat some of his fans to a one-on-one pick-up game.

The thing with Kobe though is that he loves taking his opponents to school...

Sucks to be you, kid! Here's the full video:

You really can't blame this Chinese dude for trying. Sometimes the baller inside of us thinks we can take on the likes of Kobe, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James. But only a fool would believe that an ordinary baller could suddenly outplay the finest players on Earth. That kind of thing only happens in movies—or in a basketball-fueled wet dream. Scroll down to see what we mean!


Fan favorite Brian Scalabrine was often mocked for being one-dimensional. To prove his bashers wrong, the White Mamba launched the Scallenge, a one-on-one challenge against the people who wants a piece of him on the court.

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If you want to watch the full Scallenge video, click here!

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