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#NBAPlayoffs2014 Weekly Recap: The Days Of Reckoning

The first week of the Conference Finals are over! We're pumped!
by Raul Maningat | May 23, 2014
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If office work has hampered you the past few days or if you’re an astronaut who’d just returned to Earth, you probably missed the initial installments of the NBA Eastern and Western Conference Finals. Luckily, we salute all of the hard workers in this planet and beyond. That’s why we made sure that this edition of our #2014NBAPlayoffs Weekly Recap will get everyone up to speed!

If you're not an astronaut or a particularly hard worker however, please still read! We promise really funny memes below! 

In the immortal words of Brock Lesnar: Let’s do this!


: San Antonio Spurs vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

One picture recap:

We feel you, Russ. We feel you.

The Story So Far: The manongs vs. the cool kids. This head-to-head would’ve had a more back-and-forth narrative if not for a key player who got hurt, Serge Ibaka. The third best player of OKC will likely be out for the rest of the playoffs due to a calf injury.

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Without the services of the athletic power forward and too much one-on-one basketball (Hey Russell Westbrook, think you can play less hero-ball?), the chances of the Thunder returning to the Finals are now slimmer than Kevin Durant. What was once thought as a nightmare matchup for the Spurs (OKC has gone 10-2 against them since from 2012 until before these Conference Finals) is rapidly turning into a masterful evisceration.

People have been inspired lately by the Spurs' brand of team balling that weepy tribute videos are starting to pop up on YouTube:

Oh God, we're going to miss the trio of Manu, Parker, and Duncan when the sun finally sets on this era.

Game 1: This Is Our House!

The Spurs were their usual selves in Game 1. They executed every Popovich diagram perfectly, as if they were giving a demo on how to play like a team with the help of the Thunder players posing as dummy defenders.

San Antonio's ball movement was immaculate, resulting in Timmy D getting the ball where he can do the most damage, especially with Ibaka not around. The Big Fundamental must’ve felt like it was 2002 as he scored 27 points to lead his team.

The Thunder, or should we say Durant and Westbrook, fought back furiously in the third quarter, even getting the lead at one point. But a two-man attack is simply no match for 12 men working as a single unit. The Spurs took back control in a flash and ran away with a 17-point margin to keep home court advantage.

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Game 2 – The Return of Danny Green

Remember Danny Green? He’s the guy who shot 3s like Allan Caidic in the first five games of last year’s NBA Finals. Well, he's back.

Apart from the Spurs’ outstanding team ball, OKC’s embarrassing, humiliating 112-77 Game 2 shellacking can be attributed to the explosion of Green, who scored all of his 21 points from beyond the arc. In case your math is bad, that’s seven treys. With each Danny Green connection from downtown, the frustration of the losing squad grew more and more, culminating in an on-court verbal spat between Durant and Westbrook.

Yep, the NBA’s tightest buddies were going at it. Does this mean the end for the high-scoring duo? Not quite. The two, as per reports, have already have stated that they’ve made up. But the damage has been done, they’re down 0-2, and the Spurs might come up with another monster game that could finally blow their frustration level through the roof.

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