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NBA Preview: FHM Answers All Your Questions About The New Season (Part I)

What does LeBron's Big Three 2.0 looks like? How's Kobe? And will Derrick Rose ever get back to MVP form? FHM answers these and more in the first part of our NBA 2014-2015 primer!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Oct 8, 2014
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After a break that seemed like forever, the NBA is finally back!

The Association is almost back in full swing as the 2014-2015 pre-season games have started a few days ago. It's not yet the real thing, sure, but it's enough to satisfy our hunger for the most elite brand of hoops known to man.

Video via Basketball Orbit

The pre-season also gives us a glimpse of what to expect when the NBA regular season finally starts on October 29 (Manila time). And because we’re really #sabik, we gathered everything we could find (and watched every game/NBA TV special/Real Training Camp episode) about all the teams just so we could share it to you, our fellow NBA junkies.

Here now is FHM's NBA Preview, a primer that asks then answers the most important questions regarding the upcoming season. And because we're talking 30 teams and hundreds of coaches, players, and team masahistas, we divided this knowledge-sharing exercise into five bite-sized parts. Below is Part 1, where we answer questions like:

  • What does LeBron's Big Three 2.0 looks like?
  • How's Kobe?
  • And will Derrick Rose ever get back to MVP form?

Game ka na?! Scroll down now!


Video via NBA Daily

Well, no. On paper, this team can win games based on talent alone. But just like the 2010 version of the Miami Heat, everyone knows, most especially LeBron that it’ll take more than abilities. It’s a blessing to have three of the top ballers in the world (James, Kevin Love, and Anderson Varejao Kyrie Irving), but it can also be a curse if chemistry issues creep in.


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