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NBA NIGHTMARES: 18 Things From The 2013 Finals The Heat And Spurs Don't Want To See Again

Before the 2014 rematch starts, we look at the Spurs' and Heat's most harrowing moments from the 2013 NBA Finals!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 3, 2014
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And we're back to where we were a year ago: The timeless Spurs securing a prizefight against the Heat dynasty.

Last year, their seven-game battle was one for the ages. It was a back-and-forth affair with clutch shots, blowouts, lucky bounces, and enough heartbreaking moments to crush any team—most especially the one on the losing end. The fact that these two are back means that they are ready to absorb another beating in the hands of each other.

Just how furious was last year's championship series? As we approach the June 6 start date of the 2014 NBA Finals, we look back at all the scary moments that both teams wouldn't want to ever see or experience again!

We start with the defending champs.

The Things Miami Heat Don't Want To See Again:

1) Getting your face crushed

A foot-to-the-face of Mike Miller in Game 1 was an omen: The Miami Heat were in for a dogfight of a series.

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2) G
ame-sealing, buzzer-beating whirlwind shots from Tony Parker


Tony Parker heated up early in the series, and led the Spurs to a Game 1 victory with 21 points. No basket though was more important than this botched-possession-turned-career-highlight that put his team up, 92-88, in the dying seconds, effectively stealing the homecourt advantage from the Heat.

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3) Danny Green setting three-point records in the Finals

The then-unknown Danny Green did something during the series that made Ray Allen feel like throwing up:

With 27 three-pointers made, Danny broke Ray Allen's Finals record of 22 three-pointers for an entire series set in 2008.


Green made 25 of 38 three-point shots through five games in the series to help the Spurs get a 3-2 series lead. Fortunately for the Heat, he fizzled out in the last two games with just two long-range connections.

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4) 36-point massacres

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