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NBA Western Conference Finals Preview

<p>Only 4 teams remain en route to the NBA Finals. Starting off with the West</p>
| May 14, 2010
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The 2010 NBA Playoffs, now done and about with the 1st round and 2nd round, has come down to its pinnacle line this season. [firstpara]
Our NBA Playoffs Preview for the East and the West featured an in-depth analysis that saw the eventual elimination of teams like the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Dallas Mavericks.

And now there are four.

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns will duke it out for the first time in the Western Conference Finals.

The Orlando Magic, on the other hand, is all but ready to have a Playoffs rematch with its Eastern Conference Finals competitors, as the Boston Celtics finally trumped the Cavaliers to a most decisive ending earlier today.

We start off with the Western Conference today; Eastern Conference comes tomorrow.

Western Conference Finals Match-Up
Los Angeles Lakers (1) v. Phoenix Suns (3)

The defending champions, boasting the same line-up as last year outside of the Trevor Ariza – Ron Artest exchange, is looking to achieve a repeat performance in the NBA Playoffs all the way to the NBA Finals. Only this time, they are facing a Phoenix team who didn’t even make the Playoffs a year ago.

With this in mind, one would assume that Los Angeles must have dealt with lady luck more than once in the past few weeks, going over a young Oklahoma squad in the 1st round and sweeping the Utah Jazz in the 2nd.

The Phoenix Suns are not too different from these teams, now sent home packing courtesy of Kobe Bryant’s 26.3 PPG average and Pau Gasol’s 18.8 PPG and 13 RPG performance the past 2 rounds.

The thing is, however, the Suns did what the Thunders and the Jazz failed to do: snag a convincing upset victory. After being eliminated by the Spurs in most of their past Playoff series, Steve Nash and the Suns finally broke through the Texas team and swept them 4-0 this time around, earning their way into a last hurray at the finals.

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