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Nonito Donaire Jr. learning that success comes with a few wrinkles

And a couple bruises to boot.
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 10, 2011
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We caught the Nonito Donaire Jr. – Fernando Montiel title fight a little over two weeks ago. We were blown away by how dominant he looked against someone that was supposedly his equal.[firstpara]

It wasn’t as if Montiel was a finely chiseled Mexican punching bag.

This guy was supposed to be one of the best fighters in the world.

But Donaire Jr. made him look like a neophyte getting his first taste of a boxing glove making a fast beeline towards his pretty-boy face.

The devastating second round TKO thrust Donaire Jr. into conversations; he is one of the best fighters in the world, they say. Not in his weight class, okay? The world.

This was pound-for-pound territory. From the clubhouse to the penthouse, all thanks to one scintillating left hook.

But success, or at least a little sip of it, comes with an added burden of responsibility. You’re now thrust into the spotlight; that bright and scorching pedestal that has wilted many a man in the past.

While Nonito Donaire Jr. deservedly took a step up that ladder with his victory over Fernando Montiel, his actions over the next two weeks have led us to question whether he’s ready for all the attention and responsibility that comes with it.

Only days after his conquest, Donaire Jr. spoke publicly about his three-year rift with his father over what supposedly were squabbles over money.

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The media, in turn, decided to run with this angle because squeezing more juice out of an orange is what they do best. This led to the father, Nonito Donaire Sr. appearing on TV and refuting the son’s claims.

Then Jr.’s wife also showed up and took shots at Pops. And just like that, the whole thing spiraled out of control, culminating with Donaire Jr. logging into his Facebook fan page and posting some heavy-handed words towards a couple of media members for supposedly blowing things out of proportion in the name of “scoring some hits on their websites”.

Now he’s threatening the media with his ‘Sonic Boom’ punch? Really, ‘Sonic Boom?' You just knocked out a world-class champion in Fernando Montiel and you’re talking about knocking a media member out with a ‘Sonic Boom?'

Lord knows why he even decided to air his dirty laundry to the media. Was he expecting some sort of sympathy? Maybe even grab some more attention?

Only he can provide these answers.

Whether he actually said the things he said or the media did blow it out of proportion is irrelevant. He shouldn’t have talked about it in the first place. In his line of work, sometimes the best answer is “no comment”. It may not be the sexiest retort, but it always keeps you out of trouble.

Donaire Jr. needs to understand that outside of his boxing exploits, nobody really cares about what happens in his household. Fight, make up, and reconcile all you want. We don’t need to hear about it and, quite frankly, we don’t want to. Your business is your business. Not ours. Personal subjects like this should be kept in-house and not be fed to a media that will undoubtedly run the whole story straight to the ground.

You don’t feed a cow without expecting it to burp and fart after the fact.

What stinks the most is the absurd timing on how this whole drama played out.

The man was fresh off of the defining victory of his career and instead of celebrating his accomplishments and basking in the glory of his triumph, he’s fighting – and reconciling - with his father, he’s taking shots at the media, and he’s coming across as someone who got a taste of success way too soon without any sort of inkling on how to handle it.

Tiptoeing the precarious line of public perception is a tricky thing and if you can’t find the right balance to do it, then you’re going to have a hard time navigating your way around it.
Nonito Donaire Jr. is finding that out first-hand - Sonic Boom style.

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