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Donaire Vs. Walters: 5 Reasons Why This Explosive Fight Is A Must-Watch For Boxing Fanboys!

Nonito Donaire Jr. and the Jamaican Nicholas Walters intend to knock each other out!
by Raul Maningat | Oct 18, 2014
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Choosing the winner between featherweight titleholders, Nonito Donaire Jr. (33W-2L-21KOs) and Nicholas Walters (24W-0L-20KOs) is a lot like asking these questions:

Regardless of who you pick, she's perfect.

It’s pretty much the same in the upcoming Donaire-Walters collision, where both combatants are very strong, tremendously skilled, and equally dangerous. Either is capable of violently putting each other to sleep during their fight on October 19, 2014 (Manila time), at the StubHub Center in Carson, California. Donaire puts his WBA Super World Featherweight crown on the line against the Jamaican KO artist, nicknamed the Axe Man, who currently owns the regular version of Nonito’s strap.

To get you emotionally ready for such a nerve-racking encounter, we give you a heads-up of what to expect from the 126-pound power punchers, much like you would thoroughly check some girl’s Instagram before taking her out on a date!


With the ever-present option to take a less risky yet fairly lucrative fight, a marquee name seeking the toughest challenger out there has become almost as rare as a fundamentally sound basketball move from Manny Pacquiao. The sport’s biggest draw, Floyd Mayweather, is certainly not an exception. The shrewd but shady practice has resulted in poor matchmaking, which has produced an inordinate amount of forgettable fights–one of the main reasons why boxing is nowhere near as huge as it once was. 

In order for the sport to thrive once again, the boxing public needs to consistently see “the best versus the best.”

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And this is exactly what Donaire vs. Walters is.

Nonito and Nicholas are, undoubtedly, the two most exciting featherweights right now and, arguably, the two most talented in the division as well. Seeing them square off will give the fans what they’ve been getting too little of–a good old boxing match between two of the world’s best pugilists in their divisions, who are still at the top of their games.

Both are still quite accustomed to feels like these:

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Image via 

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If you're in any way a fight fan, we implore you to clear your Sunday afternoon schedule, because it’d be a shame to miss what would probably win FHM's imaginary Boxing Match-Up Of The Year award.


All of us will probably be watching the bout on the edge of our seats for as long as it lasts. Uneasiness will be the consensus feeling, knowing that the firepower of Donaire and Walters can end the fight instantly.

Looking at their records, you neither need to be a Quinito Henson nor a Madam Auring to foresee that it’s unlikely for this bout to go the distance. Nonito’s 21 KOs out of 33 wins and Nicholas’ 20 KOs in 24 victories easily suggest that someone’s butt is touching the canvass this Sunday. Translation: pure boxing entertainment.

On our count, there's a 60-percent chance that our two-time Knockout of the Year winner, the Filipino Flash, will score the big KO win, most likely by connecting with his signature left hook or his formidable right straight. On the other hand, Jamaica’s Axe Man (his moniker is not a reference to a brand of men’s deodorant) is even scarier as he’s stopped 10 of his last 11 assignments, culminating in an 83.33-percent KO finish rate. 

Just ask this dude on the right:

Image via

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The numbers don’t lie, the Axe Man can definitely cut Nonito’s night short if he lands a hard shot.

What will make the pyrotechnics go off, though, is the aggressive nature of the participants. Donaire is always looking to create an opportunity to detonate his bombs while Walters constantly watches out for openings where he can drop his giant axe. Super Lolo and Sinturon ni Hudas, ain’t got nothing on the pop of Donaire and Walters!

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