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Here Now Are Your Olympic Blunders

Proof that you don't need to set a world record to get famous
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 15, 2012
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When the world’s top athletes come together to best each other out in the tradition of Olympic competition, great things tend to happen. We’re sure you’ve heard of Michael Phelps’ insane collection of medals, of Usain Bolt’s trailblazing running capabilities, or maybe of that double-amputee who can run toe-to-toe with traditional two-legged runners. These guys inspire.

Buy you know what’s even better about these Olympians? Even when they fail or do something really questionable, they still inspire. They teach us the lesson that even when you’re supposed to be humanity’s cream-of-the-crop, that tiny, little opening to do something wrong remains. Here are some of the gaffes from the recently concluded Olympics that tell us hey, it’s okay to fail!

1) London Mayor Boris Johnson gets stuck on a zipline

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