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#PressConOfTheCentury: Pacquiao's Face-Off Antics (That We Didn't See Against Mayweather)

Hey, Manny, why you so serious?!
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 12, 2015
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Forget Manny Pacquiao's impressive Photoshopped images, memes, and date with virtual reality. Let's get down to the real business at hand.

This morning, we witnessed the official Mayweather vs. Pacquiao press conference (or, as we call it, the #PressConOfTheCentury)the most-anticipated of its kind in recent boxing history. Held at the iconic Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, it's the final confirmation that the so-called "Super Bowl of Boxing" is indeed happening.

We woke up early to watch it happen live (the press conference started at around 4 a.m., Manila time), and we know a lot of you got eye bags doing so, too. What's interesting though is that we saw a Mayweather who was detached from his usual loud, proud, almost douche-y persona that made Pac-Man fans hate him more. We saw a serious Floyd speaking with a voice that sounded almost raspy, hoarse.

On the other hand, we saw Pacquiao as his usual selfcalm, ever-so-thankful, and game while showcasing how much his English-speaking skills have improved through the years.

We admit though that, aside from the statements from both camps, what we were tuned in for was the face-off between the two boxing phenomsand their ensuing reactions.

But instead, we got this:

paquiao mayweather

And this:

pacquiao mayweather

Wait, was that really Manny up there?

We've grown accustomed to him acting a wee bit differently when facing-off with his opponent in a press conference. He usually can't hold back the smiles and the giggles and has a few funny antics up his sleeve.

You know, like what he did for...


pacquiao mayweather

pacquiao mayweather 


pacquiao mayweather 


pacquiao mayweather 


pacquiao mayweather 


pacquiao mayweather 


pacquiao mayweather 


pacquiao mayweather 


pacquiao mayweather

But don't let the light, funny, and friendly air fool you though. We all know what happened in those fights. You might as well look at the laughter as an ironic sign that Pacquiao's opponent will get a beating.

Which makes us think: Is the more serious facade a sort of sign that, maybe, our Pambansang Kamao is feeling more confident? Or does it mean he's more jittery this time around?

We have one advice for Money May and his fans: Don't count on the latter, fellas. A laughing Pacquiao destroys his enemies, what more a poker-faced one?!

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