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Post Fight Ramblings: The 10 Most Telling Headlines Of Pacquiao-Bradley 2

The gist of it is that Pac is back. As always with him though, there's always more to talk about than just who won and who lost. Here we pick some of the most interesting headlines surrounding the fight!
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 14, 2014
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On Sunday, Manny Pacquiao beat Timothy Bradley, reclaimed his throne, and corrected his controversial decision loss in June 2012. All is right with the world again.

We pumped our fists in the air, enjoyed the lack of traffic in our thoroughfares, and could have left it at that. End of story.

But this is Pacquiao we're talking about, and it's never just the "end of story" for someone of his magnitude. There's always something more to his story, and here we gather the 12 most important headlines surrounding our Pambansang Kamao's recent victory!

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1)"Pacquiao beats Bradley cleanly again, this time gets the proper decision!"

AND WE QUOTE: "It was a vindicating win for the pride of the Philippines, who was robbed of a victory over Bradley in their first encounter in 2012. With this win tonight Pacquiao regains the title he lost in that bout and hands Bradley his first career defeat. "

AND WE BUTT IN: The win wasn't just any ordinary win. This was redemption. This was Pacquiao effectively telling the whole world, "Look, tinalo ko na 'tong kalbo na 'to dati, you know. If you don't believe me, I'll show you again."

2) "Manny Pacquiao gains revenge, likely Marquez date in win over Tim Bradley

AND WE QUOTE: “Thus ends Pacquiao-Bradley. This was a good fight. It wasn’t a great fight, though, and it’s hard to see either side pushing for a rubber match. Pacquiao settled a score, picked up a big payday and now moves on to another potential lucrative showdown with an old rival.”

AND WE BUTT IN: We've explained the revenge part. What we're now interested in is that "another potential lucrative showdown with an old rival" part. God knows the world needs a Pacquiao-Lehlo Ledwaba rematch!

Kidding aside, we're not going to lie: We want revenge against Marquez!

And we pray it doesn't end like this again:

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3) "Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Should Fight in 2014, But Never Will"

: "At 35 and 37, the clock is ticking for Pacquiao and Mayweather to get a fight scheduled and actuating step into the ring to make all the casual boxing fans come out of their shells and show that the perceived 'outdated' sport is still alive."

AND WE BUTT IN: After every Pacquiao fight, the Mayweather question always comes up. Are they going to fight? Are they not? These are questions we kind of just rhetorically ask nowadays, knowing the fight won't happen, but still wishing it will. 

4) "Did Pacquiao's mom put a hex on Timothy Bradley?

AND WE QUOTE: “Dionesia Dapidran-Pacquiao could be seen doing all she could to help will her son to victory, dealing with the stress of seeing her son in the ring in her own unique way."

AND WE BUTT IN: Oh, Mommy D, always such a charming lady.

In other news: In Quinito Henson's report, Mommy D reportedly told Bradley “Sorry but that’s boxing, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose,” when she walked up to him after the fight.

NEXT: Jinkee Pacquiao butts in!

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