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Pacquiao-Bradley 2: Deciphering The War Of Words Between These Two Champs

Boxing stars talk a lot of trash and fluff. Here we pierce through the fog, and decipher what they're really trying to say.
by Raul Maningat | Apr 11, 2014
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Outrageousness has always been useful in selling fights and publicly divulging “fake strategies” has been a staple tactic to conceal the real game plan.

Fighters, trainers and promoters have made it a habit of sugarcoating 99.9 percent of what they’re saying just to get some sort of advantage. And because we’re loyal patrons of the fight game, we chose to play along with them.

At this point, though, getting suckered in is just a bit too tiring, like hearing the “agad-agad” and “pag may time” expressions. So for the fast-approaching Pacquiao-Bradley rematch, to avoid getting duped for the 234,3455,467th time, we took the unenviable task of decoding the cheekiest statements released by both camps.

Check out what we think Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley really has in store for us on April 13 (Manila time)!

Before that, here's a vid to remind y'all of what happened in the first fight:

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