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'Should Pacman Finally Retire?' And 4 Other Burning Questions For The Pacquiao-Matthyse Slugfest

Many believe that interest in his endeavors are waning
by Raul Maningat | Jul 14, 2018
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This Sunday (July 15) in Kuala Lumpur, 39-year old Manny Pacquiao with a record of 59 wins, seven losses and two draws will step inside the ring to face hard-hitting Argentine Lucas Matthysse, with the latter's WBA welterweight title at stake.

Although his physique is still impressively ripped, Pacquiao is an old man in this sport, especially considering the brutal wars he's had in his career that began in 1995. We bet he's fighting Matthysse not for legacy or anything else but mainly for the ka-ching. Unfortunately, Pacquiao-Matthysse hasn't been doing well on the business side of things (more on this later).

What's funny though is no matter how tired we may sound talking about a Pacquiao bout in 2018, we're still leaning towards watching the Pambansang Kamao put on his gloves one more time, or at least deeply care about the outcome. Despite all the red flags, we still find Manny's latest boxing match worth chasing just like a pretty face who's an expert paasa. But why? Well, the upcoming showdown is bound to answer the questions weighing over our heads regarding the aging legend's future.

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Should Manny finally retire?

If we're talking about continuing to fight because of having something left to prove, then the answer is a Butterbean-sized NO. Pac is one of the GOATs—anyone who'll argue that his legacy needs further enhancement automatically loses all credibility. However, if we're basing Manny's retirement decision on whether or not he still has enough left in the tank, then his tiff with La Maquina, a formidable but flawed fighter, will be the perfect barometer.

If Manny Pacquiao shows signs of slowing down and gets dominated, or worse, knocked out by Matthysse—a thought that would seem impossible years ago—then maybe it is time to say, "Manny, parang awa mo na, magpahinga ka na!" The same plea stands if Manny goes life and death with the Agentine slugger just to eke out a razor thin win.

On the contrary, a wide points victory, or best of all, a first KO win since 2009 at the expense of Matthysse, will give Manny all the right in the world to extend his boxing life into his 40s. Who are we to ask a boxing icon to hang 'em up, right after a spectacular triumph over a fearsome world champion?

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Is Lucas Matthysse truly elite?

Matthysse is a welterweight world champion with an aggressive fighting style and tremendous power in both fists, thus his 39W(36KOs) record. He has the makings of a superstar but he isn't one because he has yet to beat a big name. Plus, he dropped two of his career's most crucial fights—one against Danny Garcia and the other versus Viktor Postol. Matthysse would've been in the running to face Terence Crawford, a younger Manny Pacquiao, or even Floyd Mayweather had he won those breakthrough matches. Facing the 2018 tamed version of the Pacman is practically his third and probably last chance to get noticed.

To convince the boxing world that he is indeed an A-lister, it's a must for the Argentine champion to pummel Manny Pacquiao into retirement. A resounding victory will be Mathysse's ticket to the big time.


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Was Manny wrong for ditching Top Rank?

It's no secret that Manny's MP promotions has been having problems building up this non-Pay Per View fight. Word is out that Pacquiao-Matthysse ads have had little to zero airtime in the US. A lot of it was due to payment delays and unfamiliarity with the nature of the business. This is the first time Manny's promoting his own fight without Bob Arum and Top Rank and so far, the results have been unattractive. According to sources, Manny has been spending a lot of his own money for this fight, which will likely cause him to gain nothing in the end. Come fight time, if we see plenty of empty seats, we're guessing Manny will come crawling back to Top Rank for help in his next endeavor, which will prove he's wrong for splitting with Uncle Bob in the first place.

What's next for Lucas Matthysse?

A loss or even a questionable win would likely put Matthysse's career in boxing limbo, just like what happened to Timothy Bradley and Jeff Horn after they edged out Manny in controversial fashion. It was like the promoters didn't know what to do with those two all of a sudden. A highlight win on the other hand will likely land Matthysse a huge payday against pound for pound king Terence Crawford. And should Lucas give a good account of himself in that bout, he will be in for several high profile matches afterwards.

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What's next for Manny Pacquiao?

The only way we see Manny calling it quits after this is if he gets absolutely demolished by his heavy-handed foe. Struggling against Matthysse, regardless of the result, will likely goad Manny to stave off retirement in favor of fighting relatively obscure boxers, of course, to keep the cash flow, (whatever's left of it) going. On the flipside, a signature win will set Manny up for a mega-bout against ultra-talented pugilist Vasyl Lomachenko, and that is an FHM-itaga-mo-sa-bato guarantee.

Let's all wait for the answers when the smoke clears this Sunday.


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