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#FightOfTheCentury: A Round-Up Of All The Big Pacquiao-Mayweather News Over The Past Week

FHM sorts out the chaos that all the pre-fight Mayweather-Pacquiao talk has been making!
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 11, 2015
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The Pacquiao-Mayweather match has the power to get everyone to talk. And absolutely no one can stop talking. Not Pacquiao. Not Mayweather. Not other fighters. Not the trainers. Not the lookers-on. Not the celebrities. Not even the passers-by.

Since the announcement of the fight, and since we rounded up what the boxing legends are saying about the fight, the swirl of words surrounding the fight has become an absolute hurricane—with everyone and their mothers trying to get a potshot in.

Here, we collect some of the best, the most absurd, and the boldest things we've heard about the Fight of the Century over the past week. Until these fighters actually get into the ring on May 2, we suspect that the news storm will continue to pour in like crazy.

YAY: Ronda Rousey is getting a ringside ticket!

Image via Nydailynews.com

UFC women's champ Ronda Rousey, a legend in her own right, has scored herself a ringside seat courtesy of Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum. She made public her desire to buy tickets to the fight, Arum caught wind of it, and presto, a free pass to the fight! A big plus to #TeamPacquiao come fight night!

Yo, Tito Bob, we also wanna watch! 

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NAY: Amir Khan gripes about not getting to fight Money or Manny, gets free ticket offer from Mayweather.

Image via Sportskeeda.com

Former boxing champ Amir Khan wanted to fight the sport's top crowd-drawers for a big payday. He didn't get it. He whined and griped, prompting Mayweather to offer him tickets to the fight as consolation.  If we were Amir, and we wanted a big payday too, we'd take those tickets...and sell 'em! Business smarts, yo. 

The full story here.

YAY: Liam Neeson,
nang-hingi ng tickets kay Pacquiao!

You know tickets are hard to come by when a star as big as the Taken actor is scrounging for some. Neeson, who's gone on record to say that he wants to see Manny beat up Money, has also gone on to say: "Manny. Two tickets, buddy. Two tickets."

The full story here.

NAY: Mayweather wants celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to cook him his victory meal.

In exchange for ringside tickets, the loud-mouthed boxer has offered the loud-mouthed cook a trade: a post-fight victory meal. To which we say: Hey man, we like good food as much as you do, but the only thing you'll be eating that night is Manny's fist! 

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(Hey Manny, we hope you're reading! Please give us tickets as well! Thanks in advance!)

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YAY: Strip club offers "FREE COUCH DANCES FOR LIFE!" for the winner of the fight.

Las Vegas strip club, Deja Vu Showgirls, has offered the ultimate prize for the winner of this prize fight: free lap dances for life. (Damn it, we knew we should have been boxers.)

The full story here.

YAY(?): Pacquiao to use own song in fight

The ultimate multi-hyphenate Pacquiao picks up the mic once again to record a song called "Lalaban Ako Para Sa Pilipino," which apparently will be used as his entrance song in the fight. Once again, Manny has done something that no boxer ever has.

The full story here.

NAY: Mayweather KOs sparring partner

Reports are coming out of Mayweather's training camp that he's been so aggressive and super-strong that he's been knocking out his sparring partners. To which there is but one proper way to react: EDIWOW.  

The full story here.

YAY: Pacquiao, actually happy that Mayweather is knocking out his sparring partners.

Pacquiao, who knows boxing more than we do, said more than "EDIWOW." These were his replies: 

1) "I hope the reports were true. He should be aggressive during our fight so we can make the fans happy."

2) "We all know how he fights. In fact, his previous fights lulled me to sleep.”

3) “I hope, this time, he would be man enough to take some risks. He should prove to the world that he’s a real and fearless fighter, not a runner.”

4) “If the reports were true, then it’s a welcome development. That’s what my camp wants—for him to become aggressive inside the ring.”

Once again, we think this warrants yet another reaction of exceeding eloquence: BOOM PANES! 

The full story here.

NAY: Pacquiao continues to play basketball

At the end of the first week of his training camp, Pacquiao went ahead to play some pickup basketball. Look, we get you, Manny; Filipinos need their dose of The Hoops. But please, please, please don't tweak an ankle or twist a knee now, and delay the fight yet again. To everyone who plays with him, try not to injure the guy, alright?   

The full story here.

YAY: Mayweather, on the other hand, relaxes at the casino.

Image via Mayweather's SHOTS page 

While Manny was shooting hoops, Mayweather spent his free time at the casino. Look, we get you, Floyd; you need your dose of gambling. So please, please, please gamble away your riches instead of doing the next thing on this list.

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NAY: Mayweather camp bribing Pacquiao spar-mates

There's still a lot of time remaining before fight night, but the low-blows have been coming in bunches already. The lowest blow so far: Roach's accusation that Mayweather's advisor, Al Haymon, is bribing fighters not to spar with Pacquiao.

Roach would call up prospective spar-mates, offer a salary, and Haymon would swoop in to offer more. It's a mere allegation at this point, but what a dirty move if it's indeed true.  

The full story here.

Sparring partner defects to Pacquiao camp

You know it's an all-out war when we're beginning to talk about the fight in military terms. In light of the alleged guerilla tactics above, Roach has found a sparring partner. And not just anyone: The sparring partner is a defector from the Mayweather camp, whom Roach has yet to name because of confidentiality issues. Tom Clancy couldn't have written a juicier twist.

The full story here.

NAY: Former Mayweather rival, Zab Judah, is on board Mayweather's training camp

Image via Thisis50.com

Judah, a former champ and one of the few boxers who almost beat Mayweather, has been hired to help Floyd out. Like Manny, he's a southpaw...only slower and less powerful. Judah had some choice words regarding Mayweather's current makeup now:

“I think that he’s probably not the same fighter he is when he fought me, but he’s smart. He’s a very smart fighter, you know what I’m saying? You watch his business, the way he handles his business, the way he handles his fights; he’s very, very smart. That’s one thing you can’t never take away from him. He knows what he’s doing.”

The full story here.

YAY: Pacquiao also has a championship-caliber boxer for a sparring partner

Let's just hope he doesn't do what he did to Nonito Donaire!
Image via Espn.go.com

Mayweather isn't the only fighter in this game who has hired a champ/former champ for his training. Pacquiao, if the rumors are to be believed, has signed Donaire-conqueror Guillermo Rigondeaux as a spar-mate. Guillermo might not be as prodigious as Mayweather (but really, who is?) but his combination of technical expertise and swift hands can at least give Manny something to deal with.

The full story here.

NAY, NAY, NAY: Pacquiao wants to be PH President.

Freddie Roach was caught saying this gem of a quote: "I think he wants to (eventually) become the president of his country, and I think he'll be old enough in a couple of years."

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We'll leave the violent reactions to you, dear readers.

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