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Say It Ain't So: Pacquiao To Be 'Very Active' As PBA Coach

But didn't he just (virtually) win a seat in the Senate?
by Charlain Austria | May 16, 2016
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A person can be many things, but rarely can be great at two at the same time. Sure, one can multitask, but is it still applicable if the options are between making the country better and coaching a basketball team?

With Manny Pacquiao climbing to seventh place in the senatorial race, which essentially assures him a seat in the Senate, here comes Mahindra Enforcer Team Manager Eric Pineda announcing that the Pacman is also set to be "very active" as playing coach of their PBA team.

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After finally retiring from the sport that ultimately changed his life, Pacquiao now commits himself to two diverse realms: basketball and politics.

The 11th pick in the 2014 PBA Rookie Draft has always been vocal about his passions for hoops. And with boxing gone on his life, "he has more time to work with the team," Pineda told "He will still be the head coach."


It's worth noting that in an interview late last year, Pacquiao said that if he ever becomes senator, he "will have to give up the other things that require my attention. If you are a senator, your focus should only be your job and your family."

Pineda added that Pacquiao will likely divide his time between the Senate and the basketball court. But will that be enough for the people who voted for him?


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