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Pacquiao vs. Clottey: The Preview

<p>This could be Pacman's biggest fight, Jimmy Kimmel performances aside, of course</p>
| Mar 11, 2010
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The weekend of March 13 just might be our Pambansang Kamao’s final bout inside the ring. That is, at least according to his long-time trainer, Freddie Roach. [firstpara] If memory serves us correctly, his statements and predictions are as accurate as Manny Pacquiao’s right hands.

If this is indeed his last bout, this might be the last time we get to analyze a boxing match with the people’s champ in it. And so, allow us to play experts ala-Quinito Henson as we try to analyze the bout that is to become Clottey’s biggest and possibly, Pacquiao’s last.

Joshua Clottey (35-3-1), a former IBF Welterweight Champion, often gets criticized for something he is not. He is not Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Many die-hard fans still cannot get over that drug test fiasco that doesn’t even involve him, but Clottey’s attitude and training going into the fight has helped shift the attention to the match that WILL actually take place.

Manny Pacquiao
(50-3-2), on the other hand, already has post-fight agendas in his schedule. But with a trainer as good as Roach showing his boxer epic dedication, it’s pretty safe to say that Manny will follow his footsteps.

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And by that we mean he will focus on Clottey and Clottey alone.

What is on the line here?
In official terms, on the line is Manny’s WBO Welterweight Title. But as far as legendary bouts are concerned, a loss for our kababayan would harm the already-struggling probability of a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight from ever happening.


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