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#PrayForPaulGeorge: 15 Injuries That Will Make You Think Twice About Playing Basketball Again

Rising star Paul George suffers setback with major leg injury. We recall other similarly horrific moments in basketball history
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 4, 2014
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You've seen it, and most likely have heard of it in your newsfeed or from a friend who went out of his way to send you a text message: "Nakita mo 'yung nangyari kay Paul George?!" 

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Paul George, an on-the-rise superstar for the Indiana Pacers, has transformed into an on-the-mend subject of sympathy after a gruesome leg injury sustained in a Team USA scrimmage over the weekend. George, in an attempt to chase down a James Harden fastbreak layup, landed awkwardly against the stanchion (that's what the basketball ring's "trunk" is apparently called) and suffered a compound fracture on his right leg. 

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Those lines are as difficult to write as much as actually seeing the whole incident. For the young, hardworking star, we could only pray that he recovers well enough and eventually make a return to forma form that he has honed his entire life.

For us, the weekly pickup ball players of the land, we could only hope that nothing of the sort ever happens to our bodies. As much as anything else, the grisly sequence had been a reminder that the game sometimes has a twisted sense of humor. We further demonstrate this below, through 14 other basketball-related injuries that will make you think, "Mag-golf na lang kaya ako?"

(WARNING: Graphic scenes ahead.)

1)   Kevin Ware breaks his leg

It's the most infamous basketball injury in the YouTube era. Louisville Cardinal guard Kevin Ware gained worldwide attention during an Elite Eight game in the 2013 NCAA tourney against Dukeonly it hadn't been because of a buzzer-beater or a monster jam.  

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Ware attempted to contest a three-point shot, landed awkwardly, and split his shin in a way that's not completely dissimilar to Paul George's injury. Seven months after, Ware returneda comeback that we're optimistic George will be able to replicate.

2)   Andrew Bogut gets undercut, and unintentionally body slams his arm

In a 2010 NBA regular season matchup against the Phoenix Suns, then Milwaukee Bucks big man Andrew Bogut soared for a slam, got pushed slightly by opponent Amar'e Stoudemire, swung violently forward, and his entire bodyall 260 pounds of himcrashed down on his right arm. 

He suffered a dislocated right elbow, broken right hand, and wrist pain that awful day in April but has since made a successful return.

3)   Allan Ray's eye nearly pops out of socket

In 2006, 6-2 Villanova guard, Allan Ray got poked in the eye by Pittsburgh's Carl Krauser. The violent sequence caused Allan to lose his vision momentarily. Luckily, it wasn't very serious. It was the eyelid that actually went in, which gave the impression of the eye popping out, in an injury that he actually recovered from in just a week.  

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Serious or not though, getting poked in the eye by an overeager defender isn't something players think highly of.  

4)   Shaun Livingston destroys his knee

Any sentiment that 2004's fourth overall NBA Draft pick, Shaun Livingston, becoming the next Magic Johnson completely fell in shambles when the wiry 6-7 guard broke every part of his knee (ACL, MCL, PCL and lateral meniscus) in this sequence:

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