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Payback Time: Donaire VS Arce
Out for revenge
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 14, 2012
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The Mexico-Philippines boxing rivalry continues on Sunday, December 16, as our very own Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire, Jr. slugs it out against the feisty Jorge "El Travieso (The Menace)" Arce of Mexico.

In recent years, the Philippines has gotten the better of the Mexicans, courtesy of Manny Pacquiao’s dominance over Mexican legends such as Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, and Oscar Dela Hoya. But Juan Manuel Marquez shocked the world last week, doing what no Mexican has ever done before: Knock Pacquiao out.

This leads us to question: Does Marquez's thundering win signals a new era for the Philippines-Mexico rivalry? One where Mexico dominates and the Philippines is often left sobbing? The upcoming Donaire-Arce fight might provide the answers.

Coming off Pacquiao's KO loss and the Azkals' Suzuki Cup defeat, Donaire's fight figures to be an important one for our country's morale. The fight at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas is also expected to be wholly entertaining: Donaire and Arce are the type of boxers who aren't afraid to let their fists fly.

If you're a gambling man, we suggest you bet on this: This is going to be an explosive fight! But if you need more convincing, here are other reasons why we are going to tune in to the fight:

1. Our Turn!

A week after arguably the biggest shock in boxing for 2012, Donaire has the golden opportunity to exact revenge immediately. And what better way to do it than scoring a big win against a Mexican legend? This is not just any other fight. It is more than just Donaire and Arce. This is a batlle of pride between two nations who have been at it for several years now. They scored a huge one last week. We reckon payback’s going to be a bitch.

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                                               We wouldn't mind seeing an ending like this again.

2. The New Hope
Rumors have been humming about Pacquiao’s impeding retirement after his loss to Marquez. When he decides to hang up his gloves to pursue his other interests (and we all know there are a lot), the Filipino people needs a figure to rally behind. Donaire, at 30 years of age, is the closest we'll come to a successor to that throne. Is it premature to look for a new flagbearer in the sport? Probably. But with Pacquiao's camp saying that the 34-year-old Pacman won't be fighting until September next year, this is the perfect opportunity for us to fully turn our attention to the equally amazingly talented Donaire. Currently ranked as the sixth best pound-for-pound boxer in the world, Donaire has nowhere to go but up.

In our opinion, he's one or two epic battles away from being awarded the same adulation, love, and loyalty given to Pacquiao. A fiery slugfest, such as the one that the Donaire-Arce fight promises, is a step towards that direction. 

3. Breaking Vows
Driven by the Marquez win, Arce proclaimed that he will make a repeat of what happened by knocking out Donaire come Sunday. But despite Donaire's cool demeanor during interviews and press conferences, we're sure that Arce's statements fuel the competitive fire in Donaire.

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