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Pedestrian Etiquette: Keeping Right And 10 More Rules When Walking In Public

You don't want to be an insensitive prick, do you?
by John Paulo Aguilera | Oct 21, 2016
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It's sad to think that a major establishment had to resort to this sort of thing to put its message of "Keeping right" across.

Even during the FHM team's recent lunch-out at a popular mall, patrons seemed to be oblivious of the simple regulation. Truth is, it's not hard to follow this unspoken rule.

It seems that in the Philippines, most people don't mind if they stall everyone else by walking at a snail pace, doing unnecessary stuff during a stroll. Not a care in the world.

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Still, there are some who have come to their senses and are willing to change for the better. If you don't want to be deemed as an inconvenience, just follow these 10 rules when walking in public.


Parang awa niyo na. The main point of this list is simple: everybody hates delays. Each second is important, especially in a country afflicted by traffic. A single pedestrain trudging along is enough to bog down everyone who is behind him.

2) ...but never side by side

Unless you're shooting for an opening credits sequence, there is no excuse for forming a human barricade with your whole squad. The narrow sidewalks in the country can't accommodate the entirety of your squad.

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3) Lovey-dovey should stay in the bedroom

AKA being too sweet for your own good. Aside from the fact that it breaks the first two rules, not everyone can bear the sight of a couple shamelessly smooching, fooling around, and turning every corner into their own little Luneta.

4) Drop the phone

Using your mobile phone presents another distraction that slows down your pace. The more interesting the call or text message, the more lag it causes to a person. And speaking of gadgets...

5) Keep earphones' volume to a low

Same as when you're riding a bicycle, not hearing your surroundings because of your Slipknot playlist can make you an insensitive prick. If you wish your life had its own soundtrack, be considerate and curate a more mellow set of songs.


6) Not the best time catch up with an acquaintance

You accidentally meet a childhood friend you haven't seen for years. How hard would it be to find a less busy spot for the two of you to chat and bring the kamustahan out of the streets? 

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7) Be gentle when overtaking/counterflowing

In any given scenario, being brash and rude is in no way accceptable. Would you like it if someone as big as, let's say, The Big Show forgets his manners and and just plows through you on the same lane? 

8) Refrain from checking out everyone, everything

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Most Filipinos have the habit of staring at other people from head to toe, as if always ready to throw down. Other pedestrains will freely ogle the sights around them, not minding the people they are bothering in the process. If you'd like to play tourist, settle by a single post to avoid becoming an obstruction to human traffic.

9) A simple 'excuse me' won't hurt

One doesn't have to be educated to adopt simple manners. Two words could spell the difference between a puny teenage geek wanting to pass through and a burly construction worker blocking the way.

10) Map out your route in advance

Especially with common trails, you don't need to be a pigeon to activate your own personal Waze. If everyone does this, sidewalks would be less congested. 


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