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Peg Ng Buhay: PBA Edition

Jessica Mendoza teams up with radio hottie Suzy of Magic 89.9 to help us guys find PBA pegs for ultimate <em>ka-pogi-an</em>!&nbsp;
by Jessica C. Mendoza | Apr 13, 2013
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It’s that time of year! FHM has opened the polls for men to vote for who they think are the 100 Sexiest Women in all the land. It’s a modern-day magic mirror: “Who’s the fairest of them all?”

The women who make that list are regarded as the ultimate pegs of hotness. They are the women that men want.

But what if there was a list of men that other men could use as a guide for what women want? Now I’m not qualified to choose from a universal list, so I thought I’d narrow it down to my home court: the PBA. What factors do women find sexy in some of these guys (besides their basketball skills)?

Then I thought: Who better to discuss this with than the Ultimate Girlfriend Peg herself? (See her Twitter account, @suzy899.) Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Suzy of Magic 89.9’s Good Times With Mo! *cue applause*

Suzy: I feel compelled to bow after all that clapping.

Jessica: It was just fake audio.

Suzy: I wish I could say it took Jessica days to convince me to write this piece with her, but it took all of half a second. It’s easy to see a basketball player for what he is at face value: an athlete. But they aren’t just that–they’re someone’s son, brother, friend, husband, and, in some cases, someone’s father. And that’s more of what we’re looking at–who they are beyond the court. They’re so used to being called idol–people idolize them for their ball-handling skills, their on-court smarts, their speed, athleticism, and agility. But there are a lot of them we can all look up to for so much more than that!

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Jessica: Agreed! We’ll look at factors or elements in particular PBA players and explain why we think they’re great. I'm excited to hear what you have to say, Suzy.


Jessica: Let's start with the most important part of a man…his mind. We’ll call it the Brains Factor.

For this, we give you Rain Or Shine Elasto Painters guard Chris Tiu. But before you all roll your eyes, allow Suzy to explain...

But I'm rolling my eyes, too... Kidding. Hello, Ateneans! Chris Tiu is an easy candidate as a Peg Ng Buhay. He took up Management Engineering with a minor in Chinese studies–an impressive enough feat WITHOUT the stress of being a student athlete.

He has a keen eye on the basketball court and excellent playmaking abilities–both no doubt coming in handy when he makes critical decisions as one of the brains behind his extremely successful business. You may have heard of it: Happy Lemon? Arguably the most successful milk tea franchise in the country today, Happy Lemon was brought to Philippine shores by our Peg Ng Buhay #1, Chris Tiu.

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